Titan Motorsports built Dodge Challenger SRT8 with Kenne Bell Supercharger

Titan Motorsports built 2010 Challenger SRT8 with Kenne Bell Supercharger and a host of other upgrades, all performed in house at our Orlando tuning facility. This complete package produces over 500horsepower in a reliable package that sounds amazing.

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The new Challenger vs. the World [S3 Ep.8-1]
Some of the biggest news to come down the automotive pipeline in a long time is the fact that Dodge is making the Challenger again. But how does it stack up against the legendary Challengers of old? Well, Stacey decided to find out! First, by "grabbing" a Challenger in a most unorthodox way... and then comparing it head-to-head with a 70'440 six-pack car. But that's not all... Then Stacey decided to take the new car beyond the legend by sticking on a Supercharger and really blowing the doors off of the competition! If you are a Mopar nut, or have just wondered what all the fuss was about concerning the new Challenger... this is one show you've got to see!

NASTY 840hp Twin Turbo SRT-8 Jeep
This 1200hp Capable Jeep sure was impressing the hell out of us at the Shift S3ctor Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack! The 440ci 7.3L Hemi equipped SRT8 Jeep had a nice set of Twin 62mm turbos under the hood, giving everything he lined up with a run for their money! The Jeep was de-tuned for the time being being turned down to 14psi which is around 840hp. Watch as he lines up against a Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Aventador, turbo Vette, turbo BMW M3, and more!

2010 SRT8 Challenger Kenne Bell build
This is a 2010 torred SRT8 Challenger that was built by Dyno Tuned Performance in VA Beach, VA. It has a 2.8 Liquid cooled kenne bell Supercharger, MR.Norms WOT Box. The fuel system was upgraded to a Arrington dual hat fuel system (two fuel pumps) A Razors edge dual pod color matching pillar mount with AEM Digital wide-band AFR and Boost gauge. The SRT8 made 360 RWHP, and now on 8.1 PSI it makes 550 RWHP. We made several Dyno pulls. We made a cooler pass that made the same RWHP and 525 RWTQ. Also note: we averaged 22.6 MPG on the trip from Florida to VA and we averaged 26.4 MPG on the trip home to Florida with 190 RWHP more too play with!!!! We would like to thank the crew at Dyno Tuned Performance for a great build and a great experience, We HIGHLY recommend them!