Mustang Cobra VS Mustang Roush

that roush has 400hp ....flys my cobra was nothing

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03 Roush VS 04 Cobra
Flat black 04 Cobra takes on a supercharged 03 Roush Mustang at the drag races at GCA days St. Paul NE. Cobra takes the win over the spin happy Roush.

saleen mustang vs 03 mustang Cobra
saleen Mustang vs 03 Mustang cobra

2016 GT350 VS Roush Stage 3 RS3 Side By Side Comparison 16 17 gt500 2017
2016 GT350 and RS3 Side by side... Which is better? You decide... Call us for info - 317-885-8147 email

04 svt cobra terminator vs stage 3 2007 roush
2004 stock terminator vs 2007 stock roush