Mustang Cobra VS Mustang Roush

that roush has 400hp ....flys my cobra was nothing

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03 Roush VS 04 Cobra
Flat black 04 Cobra takes on a supercharged 03 Roush Mustang at the drag races at GCA days St. Paul NE. Cobra takes the win over the spin happy Roush.

Roush Vs. Cobra
98 cobra: 4.10's intake, Exhaust idk any other mods 05 roush: intake, throttle body 3.55's thermostat flowmasters/sct

saleen mustang vs 03 mustang Cobra
saleen Mustang vs 03 Mustang cobra

2016 GT350 VS Roush Stage 3 RS3 Side By Side Comparison 16 17 gt500 2017
2016 GT350 and RS3 Side by side... Which is better? You decide... Call us for info - 317-885-8147 email