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dsm laser in green bay 1

stock laser beating supercharged GTP


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dsm laser in green bay 2
stock laser beating LT1 firebird with full Exhaust and intake (wide tires)

Wisconsins "The Gathering" PT 1
Small car/bike gathering and film this film is mainly the meet part 2 will include the night sceen burn outs, 2 step, street scene Artist: Skrillex

Drag Racing - Mitsubishi's of MAP 2011 Proving Grounds - Boosted Films
http://www.Boostedfilms.com with another video from the 2011 MA Performance Proving grounds drag strip.

RSD 5-4-12
Real Street Drags at WIR 5-4-12

Street Racing Documentary (DVD) | Deleted Scene
This section was in the original cut of "1320 A West Coast Story" but was cut out due to time constraints. Features LACR/Los Angeles County Raceway, David Freiburger (Current Editor-In-Chief Hot Rod Magazine), John Naderi (Former Editor Super Street Magazine), Frank Choi (Founder of Battle of the Imports), Lisa Kubo (First FWD 7 sec. car), etc... --- Frank Choi is touted by many as the "Godfather of the Import Drag Racing scene" and his "Battle of the Imports" program is still running today even though many other copy-cats are now out of business... Street Racing Documentary DVD http://www.1320movie.com

Dyno Pull 2008 Mustang GT
Dyno Pull at beyond redline performance Green Bay Wisconsin


Ford Tempo vs Honda Civic
Crazy fast ford tempo vs honda civic

Kathy Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Kathy is one of eight Eclipse drivers who was invited by Mitsubishi to a closed course to test the capabilities of her Eclipse.

European cars
european cars in european union by Lubos Galbavy major brands like Audi Rosemeyer, Audi RSQ,Audi Roadjet, Audi A1, Bugatti Veyron, BMW CS, Bmw X6, Bmw Gina, Porsche, Mercedes benz, Lamborghini Reventon,Peugeot 4002, Skoda Superb, Seat Tribu, Bentley Hunaudieres GTZ, Maserati Granturismo, Aston Martin AMV10 - luxurious cars which are manufactured in European Union, teuere Autos and PKWs aus Europa rapid voiture Evropská auta Auta v EU Auta v Evropské Unii europäische Autos European cars are the best! European cars are the best! EU cars are the best!

Grand Prix GTP open downpipe
Grand Prix GTP with headers and 3" downpipe.

Mine's R35 GT-R VS Spoon NSX-R GT 1 of 3
Top tuners in the Nissan and Honda sectors come together for the first time on US ground. Mine?s president Michizo Niikura gives us the fastest tuned R35 on the planet and Spoon president Tatsuru Ichishima explains the limited production homologation NSX-R GT. Daijiro Yoshihara drives the Mine?s GT-R and Tyler McQuarrie drives the Spoon NSX-R GT. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Mayhem Racing does Brockway at LSPR07
Mayhem Racing on the paved Brockway Mountain stage at Lake Superior Rally 2007

MONSTER TRUCKS XL Green Bay, WI February 1, 2008
Party Like A ROCKSTAR @ Brown County Arena MONSTER TRUCKS XL Green Bay, WI February 1, 2008 At 1:21 check out reverse wheelie... Super T Events Terry Dederich De Pere, WI 54115 920.562.2762 http://www.inthemud.com May 9 & 10, 2008 Rays Boneyard Saloon, Lena, Wisconsin Video by Brett Wallace 920.279.5466

D-Shift / Eclipse Vs. G6 and Mazda 3
Black Eclipse

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1991 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 9.612 @ 141.960
kiggly, Turbos: PT74GTS Tires: Slicks

1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 9.975 @ 141.350
Joe P Bucci, Engine: 4G63, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: 16g Tires: M/T

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 11.194 @ 126.840
Frankie Bones, Engine: 2.0L 4G63, Turbos: SCM61 Tires: Nitto NT555R 225-50-16

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 11.940 @ 114.660
Paul, Engine: 2.0 4G63, Turbos: TO4B M-trim Tires: snow tires

1990 Plymouth Laser rs-turbo FWD: 12.220 @ 117.235
jeff k., Engine: 2.0 d.o.h.c. turbo, Turbos: FPG turbo 730cfm Tires: slicks 24.5

1992 Plymouth Laser Rs Turbo FWD: 12.300 @ 119.360
Stanley, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: 16g(evo3) Tires: 215/45/vr17

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 12.458 @ 108.180
Jerry Ledford II, Engine: 4 cylinder, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: stock 14b

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 13.362 @ 100.780
Jerry Ledford II, Engine: 2.0 Liter DOHC, Turbos: Stock 14b

1993 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 13.731 @ 98.020
Justin Crisswell, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: 14B

1992 Plymouth Laser RS awd: 13.920 @ 0.000
Dennis Davis, Engine: 4g63, Turbos: stock 14b Tires: dooky dunflops

1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD: 14.077 @ 98.860
Billy Prater, Engine: 4g63T, Turbos: EVO 3 16g

1990 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo: 14.969 @ 93.710
, Engine: 2.0 Liter Turbocharg, Turbos: Stock Mistubishi 14B Tires: BFG Comp T/A's


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