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sea doo xp 800 , macwilly y valentino
unos de esos dias de piruetas

A ride on the World's Fastest Seadoo - CRT Nightmare
CRT testing the war machine to make sure all systems are in check.

2001 Sea Doo XP Top Speed GoPro
This is a run right After I got the Carbs rebuilt, so pretty much just testing it out. I got 65 according to the speedo on this run, and later on I managed to get 67 out of it. This was about 10 AM at Lake Elsinore on a friday, which explains the lack of traffic and wake. This was seriously the easiest launch of my life! And I would've had more footage of 360's and what not, but for some reason at lake elsinore they are illegal, and I managed to get the cops following me pretty much all day because I did a few. Anyways sorry about the bad camera angles, thought the chest mount would work better, so I'm getting some new mounts and there will be new videos soon!

Sea Doo Tricks N Shit 2.014 (Sea Doo XP 800)
Version 2.014 of the Sea Doo Tricks N Shit Series! Been a pretty busy summer but I was still able to pump out this edit while I'm waiting for the snow!