hill hold control with ESP by Bosch

Wow!! The Bosch.

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Munich Airport - AUDI A6 Quattro Hill Start Stunt
I filmed the Audi sales team at Munich's International Airport, taking customers through a very un-orthodox hillstart and brake test !! This was not for the queezy amongst us ;-)

Stability Control - How Does ESP Work (Bosch)
Stability Control - How Does ESP Work (Bosch)

Safe braking with ABS by Bosch
Safe Braking with the Anti-Locking Brakes System

Bosch's Electronic Stability Program (ESP) - Technology Driving HSV
ESP is a positive safety feature that provides computer intervention when a driver pushes a car into a corner (or similar manoeuvre) at a speed that exceeds the vehicles cornering or handling capabilities. By monitoring steering wheel angle and speed, the technology makes turning and cornering safer, and if skidding occurs, applies brake pressure to individual wheels as well as reducing engine power if needed. Partnering with Bosch, this technology was introduced to HSV as "Electronic Stability Control". Video provided courtesy of Bosch Australia. Head to www.bosch.com.au for more information on more technology driving HSV.