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EVO IX Stage 1 Cameracar (370h.p.) vs EVO VIII Stage 2+ (412h.p.) Part 2

Evo IX FP-Red Dyno - Pump Gas
1.8 Bar Boost 880 Precision @ 85% 80mm FP-Red Haltech PS2000 ECU JE-Pistons Manley Rods ARP Rodbolts, Head & Mainstuds Clevite Bearings APS High Flow Air Intake HKS Manifold 3" Exhaust without Cat and few other little Mods... Run on Pump Gas.

Most Wanted's Evo 9 1/21/09
This vid is for Most-Wanted (Brian) per his request. Wanted to see his runs from 1/21/09 with no music. AWD Motorsports stock turbo evo IX. Car ran 10.21 right before I got to the track. Buscher 2.0, Buscher stage 3 head, shep trans, E85. Its not a stock appearing turbo like the FP Red or Green. It is the same exact turbo that came with the car right out of the showroom.

AWD Motorsports Evo IX FP Black
Diiirk's Evo Ix with FP-Black on e85