Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 413 hp 388 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by

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SRT-4 560+ WHP
563 whp Srt-4 spiking 26psi drops 23 pis!!!!!

700 + HP SRT4 Neon
Big tubo SRT4 Neon running S374 turbo, 8200 RPM redline, tuned with DiabloSport CMR software, built motor, cyl head, custom camshafts, blah blah blah... email me if you want a list of mods or want us to build you a car like this!

400+ Whp Neon Srt-4 - Hater maker? - LOLNEON
The LOLNEON in all its glory -forget pistons/rods -ported head/intake manifold -oversize valves -stage 3 BC cams -agp 3.0 turbo -stage 3 transmission -stage 3 axels 12.35 @ 117mph best pass to date Instagram : Facebook :

Dodge Neon SRT-4 dyno: 350 hp 419 tq presents: "Mopar or Nocar" Dyno event by