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Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL Restoration Episode 49 PT2

Bulkhead lower (footwell) repair, rear lower quarter weld/braze work, washer bottle and battery bracket fitment, stripping of XL for spares, removal of repair sextions from XL. Dont forget there are 48 other videos covering the whole project.


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Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL Restoration Video EP49 Pt 3
front sub frame strip down

Cortina GXL restoration PT 38
parcel shelf install. removal of donor panels from XL.

1971 Mk3 Ford Cortina GXL Restoration Video EP49 PT7
more trim, floor and chassis work

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PT5
Continuation of floor and bulkhead repairs

Ford Cortina Mk3 -'Swampy' goes home.
My car had same owners for 40 years, bought brand new from Doe Motors, Maldon, Essex by Neil Herbert Renwick and shared by his brother, Grahame and mother, Sylvia Renwick.Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL restoration final video. This is the film were I take the car back to its orginal owners to show the final restoration. 500+ miles round trip. The film also includes the Battlesbridge classic car show. 27-28th September 2014.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PT4
construction of vehicle rotisserie, clean up of welds, A panel final repairs, Chassis front curve fabrication and repair

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL restoration Episode 49 PT 3A
trim fitting, trim alignment, panel gap alignment . Sorry about the delay we are back on with the restoration but on less days. We are coming close to being finished on the shell, perhaps by EP49 pt 6 we may be there, sorry about the sub sections but im planning part 50 to be the dipping video.

1971 Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PTs 8 & 9
here we work on the shell even more, some engine work, general tidy up of welds, clean up the engine block and begin engine rebuild

cortinas to cortina
POV (point of View) road trip to Cortina, Italy, September 2012. Starts at Ford factory Dagenham, moves through France, Switzerland, Italy, Austia, Germany and Holland then back to UK. This is just intended as a record of my trip, not really a holiday video as such.

pinto vibration - FIXED !!! ALTERNATOR BRACKET!
anyone help with this fault? Tried: taking off fan belt, settign timing, plugs, dizzy, carb. Changed flex plate, torque covertor. Still vibrates heavy areound 2,600 rpm and higher. Seems to have a throb, like a resonant frequency, its caused other things to fail, its smashed a flex plate, vibrated the Exhaust bolts, vibrated out the fuel input pipe to carb. only thing i have swapped of significance is the cylinder head, using an unleaded one of unknown origin. However im not sure if fault developed around this time as the Exhaust and other items were all being swapped. Lots of work was done around same time so I lost track of what happened. I changed engine mounts too which made it feel worse due to more solid mounts transmittign the heavy vibration even more into the chassis. so i swapped back orginal moutns again. Been trying to cure this for 2 months, keep thinkign it was the transmission, but car is stationary so must be from engine now. I was convinced it was flexplate at one point but it smashed that, i fitted a new one and its just as bad vibration. UPDATE!!!! fixed!!! ALTERNATOR BRACKET BOLT MISSING. ALTERNATOR BEARING WAS SHOT. DIZZY BEARING WAS LOOSE/WOBBLING SHAFT. COIL WAS WEAK.REPLACED COIL, DIZZY AND ALTERNATOR. BRACKET BOLT FITTED, NEW FAN BELT, ALL OK!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL Restoration Video Episode 49 PT6(A)
Trim panel work, panel gap work, underfloor work, more underfloor body fabrication and repairs.

Ford Cortina MK3 Restoration PT49
Mk3 Cortina GXL PNO 922K restoration video PT49 episode 1. Rebuillding of the front end.

Ford Cortina MK3 GXL Restoration PT 51 EP 3
building the car dolly

Christina Cortina GXL PNO 922K
Ford Cortina GXL rescued and beginning her restoration.MK3

Classic Car Rescue - Season 1 Episode 1 HD

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