Crane Z-Cam 268 Rough Choppy Lopey Idle 1959 283 Chevy Small Block

This is my 1959 283 Idling with a Crane 268 Z-cam. Cam specs are 218/230 @ .050 268/280 ADV .459/.486 lift 112 LSA. The engine is bored +.040, flat top pistons, '416 heads, Summit intake, and an Edelbrock 1406 carburetor. It runs about 10:1 compression and burns with a stock HEI distributor and coil. The Exhaust manifolds are stock for a 1980 GM truck as is the y-pipe and cat. The Exhaust outlet is 2 1/2" and the cat is my muffler right now.

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307 chev 268 cam
just finished running this tuff little 307 chev, fitted with Comp cam XE268 cam, 224/231@50. great cam easy tuning, 8-10 degree advance timing at idle.900rpm, used a 600 double pumper. just to run inn, 11-12 inches of vac at idle, recommend if using a holley 600 with 4.5 powervalve if using auto gearbox, 5.5 for manual trans.. fitted LT1 valve springs light port work, bored 30thou.. customer requested original intake, but will work great with dual plain..

1957 Chevy 283 Fuelie FI Corvette Duntov 097 Camshaft Engine Cold Start Up
This is a completely rebuilt 1957 283 with factory fuel injection. The injection has been completely restored and updated by Chuck Smith. It has the stock 3736097 Duntov mechanical lifter camshaft. The original power pack heads have been ported and polished with larger 1.85x1.50 valves.

thumprcam 350/73 camaro choppy idle
thumpr 350/73 Camaro summit gear drive, choppy idle thrush mufflers

Chevy 283 Engine 65 283 block 186 camel hump heads.
65 Block, 65 crank, rebuilt with flatop pistons with valve reliefs. 186 Camel hump heads. Double roller timing set, HV oil pump. Not sure how many miles are on it. Skirts and bores look nice. It runs great with no smoke or noises. Great oil pressure! Good little motor. New gaskets, new plugs, new wires, new cap, new oil filter and oil, fresh paint. Includes starter, pulleys, and alt bracket. Air cleaner to pan. $800