Cattman Header + Exhaust

2k2 Nissan Maxima, Cattman Headers + Exhaust video

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Rochester's Cattman Exhaust
Because youtube could use yet another Exhaust clip... this is my 2003 Nissan Maxima SE 6MT. Cattman 2.5" Exhaust - 4 years old Cattman y-pipe - 3 years old Gutted pre-cats - 3 months ago

Maxima 03 obx headers and cattman exhaust
obx headers with straight pipe to cattman axle back.. oem mid cat. magnaflow resonator. stillen pulley and injen intake..

Low Nissan Maxima Rolling, Cattman Exhaust Rev
My buddy tryin to act bad in my semi stanced Maxima. Stock internals, just bolt ons + ECU. D2 coilovers and Infinit G35 wheels. Broke days.

2k2 Nissan Max VS. 2k5 Acura RSX-S
2k2 Nissan Max Intake,Headers,Cat Delete, Exhaust 2k5 Acura RSX-S AEM CAI, DC Sports Short Header