ford falcon ute 1963

ford falcon ute 1963

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Steam Powered 1963 Ford Falcon
Ted Pritchard designed and built steam engine powering a 1963 Ford Falcon. Some vintage footage of Melbourne traffic as well. For more info on the man himself please read this article: drive-home-his-power-point/

BAD A$$ Rusty Ford FALCON - Tulsa No Prep
Paul Witty in his bad ass 1960 Ford Falcon going rounds in Big Tire No Prep during the Tulsa Raceway Park Midnight Drags. This garage built hot rod features a 572ci Big Block Ford with a little whiff of Nitrous to help her clear her throat. Even the Chevy guys love this car! lol We should mention that this is also we have filmed 1/4 No Prep racing, thanks to Tulsa Raceway Park.

Our Falcon on Speed HD
This is our 1963 Falcon Squire Wagon, it took us three years to build. We have won many awards the best was the Roush Ford in a Ford National winner. Roush Link r Good-Guys Link

'63 Falcon cold start
I made a mistake. The original motor was actually a 170, not a 160. I was thinking of the 260 V8 that was originally in a Ranchero we used to own, and the 170 I6 originally in this car.... lol guess I got them mixed together and confused :) Anyways this is my dad's '63 Ford Falcon. He has had it since he was sixteen. 200 CI I6 motor, dual Exhaust, headers, and many other engine mods. Drives awesome, and is one of the reasons I love Fords :) Please no negative comments, bashing Ford, or anything of that nature. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, they're all great vehicles.