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1953 Chevrolet 6400 (Stovebolt 235)

A friend of a friend would like to get this old Chevy hauling again, needs a few things, but not as much as you might imagine. We knew almost nothing going into this. I looked up the old Stovebolt later that day and found out that the engine only displaces 235 cubic inches! I figured it was at least five liters or more... and according to the owner it tops out at around 55mph because the gearing is something in the sevens! (7.xx) We also get to drive a really cool Quadravan(?) Ford van with a C6 and 460. I'm assuming the running gear is sourced from a 70s F-series, but don't quote me on that.


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Chevy 235 6 engine on Easy Run test stand Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600
Drager's just bought an Easy Run engine test stand and this is a video of us running the 235 engine.

1953 Chevy 6500 with dump bed 4sale in Alpine, Ca.
Unrestored 1953 6500 2 ton flatbed truck with working dump bed. runs and drives but needs restoration to be safe enough to use again. purchased in 1983 and last licensed in 1983. Have title in hand. Was used for picking up hay bales and for projects hauling dirt and rock on the ranch, and sat in the weather all its life. patina inside and out. fix and use as is, restore, or rat rod it... just keep it from the crusher, its not done yet!! for sale for $1,300 no shipping cash in full local buyers only... Must be towed!!

Chevrolet 216 stovebolt 6 cylinder in line
My Chevy 216 stove bolt finally running after complete restoration.

235 Chevrolet Stovebolt 6 Cylinder
1962 235 cu. in. straight six 85,000 miles, running, very strong SOLD SOLD SOLD

Dyno Pull 261 Stovebolt Chevrolet going into a 1949 pickup Truck
Chevy 261, 3.830 Bore, 3.940 Stroke, Solid camshaft 225/224 with .447" lift, Dual Weber 38 DGAS Carburetors. 200Peak HP at 4600 RPM, 255 Peak Torque at 3800 RPM

235 Chevrolet Stovebolt six harmonic balancer
Got a little work done on the 53 this weekend, still not where I want to be with it, but I'll take any progress I can.

Chevrolet Gigante 1946
Cambiando Chevrolet gigante 1946 caixa seca original.

1953 Chevrolet 6400, May 2011
Its running again, but what should we do with it? Haul trash? Pull stumps? Put a bigger six in there? Maybe an eight? How'bout a diesel? Leave the stovebolt be?

54 chevy 1.MOV
1954 Chevy 6400 Dump truck. First time running in 2 years.

1952 Chevy 2-ton truck dump bed lift
Footage of my 1952 Chevrolet 6400 dump/grain/work truck lifting it's bed.

55 Chevrolet 6400 Truck.
My 1955 Chevrolet 6400 Truck arrive today. It is a 6 cyl, manual and 2 speed rearend. It came from Iowa to Denmark in 2011. Filmet med HTC.

41 Chevy Stovebolt 6
A do over of the 41 Chevy Stovebolt 6

adjusting lifters
Thanks guys somthing i needed to get done :-)

old truck start up will the old Dinosaur start?
See my field find 63 impala restoration videos, please. Old chevys never die, this truck once sat for more than 20 years and started right up so ofcourse it started this time, it had only sat for a year.

East Broad Top - Freight Truck No. 4
The East Broad Top's 1953 Chevrolet 6400 2-Ton box truck. This truck hasn't run since 1980, and with a little maintenance she turned right over and run under her own power for the first time in 30 years. Under the hood is a Chevy 235 line 6.

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