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1953 Chevrolet 6400 (Stovebolt 235)

A friend of a friend would like to get this old Chevy hauling again, needs a few things, but not as much as you might imagine. We knew almost nothing going into this. I looked up the old Stovebolt later that day and found out that the engine only displaces 235 cubic inches! I figured it was at least five liters or more... and according to the owner it tops out at around 55mph because the gearing is something in the sevens! (7.xx) We also get to drive a really cool Quadravan(?) Ford van with a C6 and 460. I'm assuming the running gear is sourced from a 70s F-series, but don't quote me on that.


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Chevy 235 6 engine on Easy Run test stand Drager's International Classic Sales 206-533-9600
Drager's just bought an Easy Run engine test stand and this is a video of us running the 235 engine.

Chevrolet Gigante 1946
Cambiando Chevrolet gigante 1946 caixa seca original.

Stovebolt Chevy 6 cylinder dyno first start and cam breakin
I built this Stovebolt 6 cylinder Chevy engine for my father's project car, a 1948 Chevrolet. it is a 300 ci and made 229 hp .. stock hp is 118

46 chevy 216 - it runs!!!
After close to 8 years of restoring this truck today 3/29/08, I finally heard it run for the first time!!! More details here: www.46chevytruck.com

HAMB Trek: The Next Generation. Courtland Bowles' project 1954 Chevrolet Truck. S10 frame, 327, NV3500 5 speed. Build photos and First Fire.

1951 Chevy truck with stovebolt 235
This is my 1951 Chevy pick-up truck. It was purchased in 1953 by my Grandfather who used it as a ranch truck, occasionally driving it into town for supplies. He had the original 216 engine rebuilt later in his life when the truck's odometer was at about 92,000 miles. He put approximately 4,000 miles on the engine before parking the truck due to his declining health and inability to drive. I have many memories of riding in this truck as a young boy; in fact it was the first car I ever drove, though it was in a field at the time. After my Grandfather passed away, the truck sat for 22 years when my Dad got it running for me in June, 2007. Unfortunately the 216 overheated last summer and we replaced it with a 235. Driving this truck, which is a small piece of our family's history, reminds me of the days I used to work on the ranch with my Grandfather. I still have some of his belongings in the glove box. Hope you enjoy the video.

Detroit Diesel 4-53T, first start in two and a half years
Starting a Detroit Diesel 4-53T after sitting for 2.5 years, and after installing in a 1948 Chevy 2 ton. It has an Ingersoll-Rand 150BMP air starter.

Dave's 235 Chevy - Clutch Poppers Car Club
Dave Igglden fires up his 235 for his 51 Fleetline. Edmunds Intake Holley 94 Carbs Fenton Exhaust Delta 3/4 Race Cam Polished Block & Head Pinstriped by Dave Dunbar - Ace Fine Lines Built by Dave Igglden, with help from the Clutch Poppers CC, LG Kustoms & Hotrods, and words of wisdom from Charlie Eden

First Drive www.46chevytruck.com
After 25+ years of storage and the last 8.5 years of restoration - I take my 46 Chevy truck for it's "First Drive" After three rides around the block I put on 3.5 miles!!!

SOLD 1951 CHEVROLET 5 WINDOW PICKUP " SOLD " Drager's 206-533-9600
Been looking for an affordable 5 window maybe this is the one. Was restored over 20 years ago and has been garaged ever since. When we did the service and safety check we installed a new master cylinder, new 12 volt electric wiper motor. Its missing the right wiper arm. Installed new heater motor and switch so you have heat. New door latches on both doors. I drove it home from Old School Garage about 40 miles on the freeway and I will tell you its geared low. Patrick's Automotive (520) 836-1117 has a ring and pinion gear set that will make this 51 freeway driveable. The engine is the 216 inline six with 4 speed compound low transmission. Spilt Exhaust system just gives it a great sound. It has been converted to 12 volts so you can put any kind of sound system you want, as it does not have one now. Has a diamond pleat interior that looks good. The head liner ???? its glued in felt. Easy to get the original headliner kit and easy to install. Why didnt we do it? Keeping the price down... I spent over $1,600 to make it drive well. Has a great body, very solid. Chrome looks great but you can see some aging. I like these old farm trucks as you can see by my red 53 PU. Cond. # 3. Dragers International Classic Sales 18805 Aurora Ave. N. Seattle WA 98133 206-533-9600 Fax 206-542-0171 Email dragers@mac.com Web page  http://www.dragers.com/ We charge a $50.00 doc fee for instate and $100.00 doc fee for out of state sales on top of the selling price. The State of Washington says we can charge up to $150.00 doc fee that is negotiable. The doc fees cover costs such as trip permits and FedEx costs. Dragers believes that it is very important to personally inspect the vehicle you are interested in. If you cannot inspect it yourself you should hire an inspector. Here are two very knowledgeable old car appraisers you can contact. John Kincl (360) 895-1766 http://www.autoideas.net/ and/or Lance Lambert (206) 362-2530 http://www.vintagevehicletv.com We use Concours Transport Fred has done a great job for us over the years. Fred will do a great job for you. Check out his web page. Fred Koller Concours Transport 2078 Ponticello DR. Henderson NV 89052 (702) 361-1928 Email  fredwkoller@gmail.com Web     http://www.concourstransport.com We sell all of our vehicles AS IS, NO WARRANTY. We check them over, we do a report card and we grade and decode each vehicle. We have them serviced and safety checked. You can see these reports on our web page www.dragers.com We try very hard to tell you everything that we know. We give you lots of photos and video so you can see the vehicles very well. We have been in classic sales for more than 30 years. Jeri Drager 206-533-9600 Andrew Drager 206-459-3403

1953 Ford F-800 Big Job
First day running in a decade

Harmonic Balancer Removal on a 1956 Chevrolet 265 V8
A video of the Harmonic Balancer removal on a 1956 Chevrolet 265 V8. © 2012 Timothy Daleo. For use exclusively on www.trifive.com. All rights reserved.

1954 CHEVROLET Dump Truck Baby Tommy playing trucks with Daddy.

Hot Rod Chevy 235 Carter W-1's on Tattersfield Intake
Tattersfield intake with twin Carter W-1 carburetors. Custom throttle shaft linkage to eliminate problems with loose countershaft linkage. 216 intake with machined adaptor rings for use with 235 cylinder heads.

1948 Chevy Fleetmaster
Black 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster. Classic car!

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