1953 Chevrolet 6400 (Stovebolt 235)

A friend of a friend would like to get this old Chevy hauling again, needs a few things, but not as much as you might imagine. We knew almost nothing going into this. I looked up the old Stovebolt later that day and found out that the engine only displaces 235 cubic inches! I figured it was at least five liters or more... and according to the owner it tops out at around 55mph because the gearing is something in the sevens! (7.xx) We also get to drive a really cool Quadravan(?) Ford van with a C6 and 460. I'm assuming the running gear is sourced from a 70s F-series, but don't quote me on that.

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Vehicle Randomosity 2010-2011
I have no idea.

M1009 Snowbash Aftermath...
Even though he keeps putting his hand to his nose, I believe IronGinko's tale of Cong VS. the shadowy frozen snowpile. 'Amazing how much mass frozen water has that it could do such damage to a vehicle that weighs well over two tons. See fellow motorists, this is why you want a steel bumper, but one that will eventually cave under stress so that your frame doesn't get tweaked. Second lesson at poor Cong's expense; don't hit snow or ice with your vehicle! At any speed. The outcome will not be in your favor. If a new, plastic car had hit this same frozen snowclump it would likely have been totaled.

M1009, Fall 2011
End of the season for easy mountain dwelling. Cong runs well as usual, and has two new commercial batteries for the approaching cold.

1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88, Summer 2011
From this past summer. The "Chief" is still a daily driver and has now traveled more than 25k miles since I bought it a few years back. It still runs and drives very well. In this video the Exhaust is mostly open, but has been fitted with another newer grid-style catalytic converter. (The previous one was destroyed by road debris)