Vintage. The Saab 900 | drive it

Drive It! took a real rarity onto the race track: a front-wheel-drive Saab 900 turbo boasting 300 horsepower with a peak torque of 500 Nm. This Saab is a real competition car. Trimmed down to a weight of around one ton it can feel at home on any circuit. Amateur racing driver Nico Gasparatos shows what the Saab can do.

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Compare it! Alfa Romeo Spider vs. BMW Z4 | drive it
These are two of the most extravagant 2-seater sports cars around. Elegant and exceptional in design. We're talking about the Alfa Romeo Spider and the BMW Z4. Both have an ice-cold air about them. Speed should be the deciding factor, but which top opens quicker and which car has more storage space? Drive It! puts both cars through their paces.

France: Multicultural Society Under Fire | European Journal
The Belleville neighborhood in Paris is known as a place where Chinese, Jewish, Arab and African communities generally live together peacefully. But tensions are on the rise.The multicultural neighborhood has reached a tipping point. Chinese residents are protesting rising crime and pointing the finger at immigrants from northern and sub-Saharan Africa - who accuse their Chinese neighbors of isolating themselves. Meanwhile, the question on everyone's minds is: Where did these invisible divisions come from - and why did they crop up so suddenly? Many blame French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the troubles and say he's exploiting the conflict to justify his restrictive immigration policy.

The Motor Magazine - 20.10.2010 | drive it
Drive It presents old and new cars from Sweden; shows how SUVs are suddenly going green; and looks at just how well car lovers known their vehicles when blindfolded.

150 Years of Fish n Chips | euromaxx
We explore how this has become Britain's most famous meal. Fish in fish 'n' chips originated when Jews from Spain and Portugal emigrated to Britain at the end of the 17th century and introduced the country to fried fish. The chips came a century later after they were first invented in Belgium. Today between 250 - 500 million portions of fish 'n' chips are consumed annually in Britain.