1979 porsche 928

My dad's stock 1979 Porsche 928 in an auto cross competition. 4.5 V8. It was the oldest car in the competition.

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porsche 928 1979
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Marvin Walk Around ( My sons' 1980 Porsche 928 refresh )
My son's 1980 Porsche 928. Started life as a Black on Black car with a couple minor dents and minor rust around back glass and factory body side moldings. My first time painting and doing body work. I built a make shift paint booth under a carport cover. Hope this encourages some to give this a try. It did take me a year and a half but that includes redo of interior as well and waiting out some poor weather at times.. I hope you Enjoy it. I may do a video on the process soon. Start to finish with photos only as I did not video tape any of the build.

Porsche 928 start up and fuel pump problem
Porsche 928 first tries for start up. 3 years hibernating from previous owner because of a mechanical failure. Doing some previous tasks with the help of the rennlist people here: http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/928-forum/624514-any-advice-before-st art-a-928-in-three-years-6.html#post8536063

Profusion Customs Porsche 928 S2 MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust
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