Chris DePascale leaving church IN STYLE on wedding day (10-28-06)

This is how we left the church on our wedding day (10-28-06) me driving Scott Cozzali's 1955 Chevy Top Sportsman with a 706cu in BBC on 2 stages of NOS. We drove the car 3.5 Miles trough 2 towns with EVERY intersection CLOSED down so we did not have to stop

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Wedding Exit
Leaving the church a freshly married couple.

Harold Johnson 2000hp 55 Chevy 199.70 mph
Harold Johnson in his Pro Mod Blown Alcohol 1955 Chevy goes 6.95 @199.70mph, going sideways and lifting, still 199mph!!

MIR Grudge Race.wmv
This was a race set up between the Scott Cozzali's Bounty Hunter and team Green. Awesome race.

Burnout Fail and Save
Top Sportsman Burnout Contest on July 7th 2007 at the Lucas Oil Division 1 Racing Series at Lebanon Valley NY. I was going to put this up over the downtime this winter but conrailSD40guy beat me to it. So here is another angle. This is my friend Scott Cozzali out of New York in his '55 Chevy. He has since moved further south.