Chris DePascale leaving church IN STYLE on wedding day (10-28-06)

This is how we left the church on our wedding day (10-28-06) me driving Scott Cozzali's 1955 Chevy Top Sportsman with a 706cu in BBC on 2 stages of NOS. We drove the car 3.5 Miles trough 2 towns with EVERY intersection CLOSED down so we did not have to stop

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lc 308 burnout at glen&hayleys wedding
just a little skid for the bride and groom

Mike Janis and some of the stars of yesterday and today. Pro Modified and Top Sportsman from the mid eighties at Cayuga Dragway Park Kohler Ontario,Canada. Subscribe Today Here

MIR Grudge Race.wmv
This was a race set up between the Scott Cozzali's Bounty Hunter and team Green. Awesome race.

Dare Car Final.wmv
Sayreville Police Dept Dare car that I designed and built was a completely white booring bare patrol car. Built custom split hood on Linear Actuators, GT Factory Lambo Door Kit, Custom Black with Purple Ghost Flame Job, 1 off custom billet grille, Flame thrower Exhaust, 22 inch BT Rims, custom interior with stereo system and TVs