Chris DePascale leaving church IN STYLE on wedding day (10-28-06)

This is how we left the church on our wedding day (10-28-06) me driving Scott Cozzali's 1955 Chevy Top Sportsman with a 706cu in BBC on 2 stages of NOS. We drove the car 3.5 Miles trough 2 towns with EVERY intersection CLOSED down so we did not have to stop

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Wedding burnouts NSC Racing
Going mad at the church

F3 Procharger Lester Johnson 55 Chevy "Excalibur" Burnout
F3 Procharger Lester Johnson 55 Chevy "Excalibur" On Car Camera Tire Shake Clay City, KY Testing

my wedding burnout
BURNOUT @ 1:00. Me and wifey in chevelle, and groomsmen in 800hp 68 nova leaving ceremony. TEAM BURL LAYING DOWN horsepower!!

VK 671 Wedding Burnout
Congrats guys A Burnout just for you