Dodge Viper Exhaust

Exhaust sound of a '97 Viper GTS equipped with Random Tech 3" hi-flow cats and a Corsa cat back Exhaust system

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Dodge Viper with corsa exhaust
That's a lucky Viper owner, Two vipers in his garage ! He added corsa Exhaust, I love it !

Dodge Viper GTS V10 Mopar Exhaust Sound
Exhaust sound clip of a Viper GTS with Mopar performance Exhaust. Car was just washed, so there is a bit of water being blow off in the clip.

Best Dodge SRT Viper exhaust sound in the world
Best Dodge SRT Viper Exhaust sound in the world 2014 SRT Viper modded ( by 2014 Dodge Viper revs ( by 2014 SRT Dodge Viper Exhaust sound ( by Kia Optima turbo back Exhaust and some extras ( by R56 Mini Cooper S Catless HKS Exhaust Sound ( by Koenigsegg CCXRS e85 bio fuel Acceleration ( by Mazda RX8 ( by Koenigsegg ccxrs fly by - Exhaust - acceleration sound - e85 ( by Volvo S70 ( by Picture (thumbnail):

Dodge Viper Sound
2006 Viper sound after start-up