Oonah Road Hill climb. 38.74 i think. warm up run. aw11 mr2 with silvertop 20v. XD

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AW11 MR2 Turbo Mana Road Hillclimb Taranaki Car Club Fisher 1 38 70 unofficial.wmv
Finally the ECU is working without drifting rich and misfiring - all ECU joints have been completely resoldered. Results at 1985 AW11MR2 std 10.5:1 20 valve silver top 4age with IHI RB52 turbo (6psi, 110rwkW between 6000 to 8000rpm) At 8000rpm 1st = 65kph, 2nd = 105kph, 3rd = 152kph. No LSD. VVT inactive. Standard 5 speed C52.


4A-GE MR2 mk1 aw11 - idle problems - how to fix in description
Here are all the causes to a bad idle on a 4AGE, and how to fix it: This is a problem I am having on my mr2 mk1. Many 4A-GE cars are bugged by one or more versions of idle problems. Either high idle, rough idle, engine cutting off. etc. In my case: when the car idles for a while the rpms start going down and the engine starts misfiring. After a few more minutes of idling the misfiring gets so bad that the engine cuts off. Check out my blog for more MR2 mk1 and other fun:

TOYOTA MR2 AW11 がいっぱい!!
TOYOTA MR2 AW11 がいっぱい!!