1980 Malibu Big Block

Here is a clearer video. You can see a bit more detail and there was also a bit more sun out today! And yes it is one of the 202 factory 4 speeds they made that year. But now it's fitted with a muncie M-21 with a 67 chevelle 12 bolt 3:31 posi. I know, I know I need a new gas tank. One thing at a time. I need to recover the front seats, put in the new headliner, and install my new carpet. After that I may take off the upper and lower A frames and powder coat them, of course at (Top Dog Powder Coating) and put in some new bushings. The rear end has UMI upper and lower control arms as well as the upper and lower connecting braces.

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Big Block malibu ride
Big Block Malibu



WhipAddict: Todd's 79' Chevrolet Malibu on Forgiato Maglias, LS3 Motor, Track Pass, Part 1
My boy Todd of @CollegeParkCustoms is bringing his 1979 Malibu back out on the streets AND track! Took out the 350 and dropped in an LS engine with well over 500hp! Sounds great and runs strong! Threw some brushed staggered Maglia Forgiatos w/spike studs on there for a nasty look! Here's some footage of how it's coming along! Still has some more tuning, music and interior work before its complete. Stay tuned!