Dan's 350z

My buddy Dan's Pebble Pushing 350z

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good day for a car wash.....
Its finally sunny here in North Texas... time for a car wash.. with Yoshi.... Swang N Bang be Fresh! Shot & Edited by: Raymond aka Integrabois1991 Music by: Soysauce. Never Again.

6.6L LS2 940whp Twin Turbo 350Z vs. 627hp R35 GTR
Fully Built 6.6L LS2 350Z 940whp -- 1000+ tq Rear mount twin turbo, not sure how much Boost.. 305 Mickey Thompsons Top Dawg Airstrip Event 2012

getting 350z out of garage
ultra mega low slammed 350z trying to get out of the garage with the help of my friend justin LOL!! i had left the car in the garage for a week since one of my tires was low on air.. mehhhh so i decided to take her out and put some air.. we were bored and decided to tape our Shenanigans for the day haha. enjoy. dont like it? choke on a cawk and die. :)

slammed 350z
my old 350z before the paint job.