Tony's RX-7 FD

CHM 7/22/2010

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FD RX7 Dyno
ADJUST's FD on the Dyno with new GT3788R turbo.

SILVR 93 RX7 single Turbo
93 RX7 Single turbo, Works vs-xx wheels, streetport motor, borg warner s475 turbo, 4" full Exhaust, jic coilovers, defi guages *The bumper is a burnout. *rear fenders are pertit flares *rear spoiler is a shine auto. *tires 285/30/18f , 335/30/18r *rims are 18x10 f, 18x12 r *car make 550hp/500ft-lbs@23psi

turbo RX7 3.5" exhuast
Garret, turbo, rotary, queen street, 550hp, 2sus, vinyl, decal, sick, loud, take off, burnout, peel out, 22's, red, orange, Exhaust, muffler, sammy, v6, v8, v4, redline, spinning, lowered, fishy tail, 100k, turbocharger, 3inch, 1/2 inch, 31/2inch, rx8, rx7, rx3, fast fours, fast and furious, supra, silvia, s15, sss, pulsar, 240sx, 200sx, 180sx, skyline, r34, r35, enzo, italia, 458, mclaren, f1, bugatti, chuu

Mazda RX-8 20B Engine Swap
Daily driving Mazda RX-8 with a/c and everything just for fun it has stock internals at 93 pump gas at 17 psi of Boost