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Johnny Where Resistance is Rising Sorry guys, an in-depth search of the internet left me unable to find you the original video so that I could link to it and give credit (no, I wish this was all my doing). The only thing I could find was this piece by the NY Times (and they didn't give any links, either): Satirists, Led by Muslims, Find Much to Mock in ISIS to-mock-in-isis.html If the Islamic State has uniquely promoted itself as a terrorist group of the digital age, propagandizing, it seems, its every atrocity on video, then perhaps it is only fair that it answers to the digital age as well. The ridicule has come in nearly all forms — cartoons, videos, songs and stories — and from all quarters, though mostly from Muslims themselves. James B. Hoesterey, assistant professor of religion and Islamic studies at Emory University in Atlanta, said the reason Islamic State fighters made such a good target was “most Muslims don’t agree with their theology.” “I think the most important videos for my perspective are those that show them as not very pious,” he added in a telephone interview. He pointed to an example from a Palestinian comedy show, “Watan ala Watar.” In one scene, Islamic State fighters stop a man at a checkpoint and ask where he is from. Hearing his answer, the two militants have an exchange about “how good the girls are there,” Mr. Hoesterey said. “This is making an implicit attack on their piety.” Others — like Giora Zinger, Yossi Gavni and Omer Burshtein, stand-up comedians from Israel who are the writers and actors of the blooper video — have sought to turn the group’s own penchant for slick video production on its head. “I was thinking that their beheading videos look like very organized productions,” Mr. Zinger said by telephone. “They shoot in two angles, and the sound is very clear, and it is recorded with good equipment. I was thinking, What happened behind the scenes?” Mr. Gavni added, “We tried to focus on the absurd, that for ISIS, it is a bad thing to show people kissing, but to show beheadings is good.”

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join My facebook page fore more videos end funny clips.. U will Really Like It Just Visit It Once... Mohammad Sohail, the proprietor of a deli on Long Island, didn't hesitate when he was accosted back in May by a man with a baseball bat who demanded his money. After having his hands up momentarily, the New York Post reports, Sohail pulled a 9 mm rifle from behind his counter and forced the would-be robber to drop his weapon. After the robber pleaded for his life, saying he had no choice but to rob to feed his family, Sohail gave him some bread, $40, and sent him on his way. The story would be astounding enough if it ended right there, but the robber surprised Sohail again just this last week, with a letter containing thanks and $50. The letter discussed how the writer's life had improved since the incident: "Now I have a new child and good job make good money staying out of trouble and taking care of my family. You gave me forty dollars thank you for sparing my life Because of that you change my life." Sohail joked that the robbery ended up bringing him good fortune. "When you do good things for somebody, it comes back to you. I gave him $40 and he sent me back $50. It was a good investment." Watch the original robbery attempt from Sohail's security camera:

Beheading in Saudi Arabia(Where is Rights and feminist)