Nitrous Ford Probe Dyno

'96 PGT Dyno. Bolt-ons and n20. The car needs the Exhaust cams reground badly. 224whp/252wtq

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93 Probe GT Nitrous Backfire.
Spray a 75 shot on my 93 PGT-ZE. Dumped way to much fuel causing a back fire and blowing my Intake off. Had to duct tape my intake and then sprayed my 50 shot after.

1997 Ford Probe GTS Stock Dyno
1997 Ford Probe GTS with intake and Exhaust on the Dyno put 151hp to the wheels.

1996 Ford Probe GT Turbo Dyno on 8psi
MY 1996 Ford Probe GT turbo with 50 trim running on waste gate (8psi) put 312.33 HP and 306.95 ft/lb torque to the wheels.

Turbo Probe Dyno 303whp
Stock block DE, 12psi, ebay turbo, ebay ssac junk pipes, full megasquirt standalone, 480cc nissan injectors, missing cross member mod :-(