Turbonetics 6465 @ 38psi in built srt4

4th gear on a loaded Mustang Dyno.

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Srt4 s400 @ 38psi in car
Tru Dyno sports Brutal speed and tuning

Srt4 fully built 5858 2nd &3rd gear
15 PSI. Crane 18 5858 Fully built

5431 SRT4 vs Zo6 STi SRT8 G35 TT (DENVER RACING w/ 1320 c.c)
My brothers Neon SRT4 running hard on Denver Streets. 5431 Precision turbocharger @ 27psi Bolt ons e85 tune Traction issues in 3rd 2step @ the end :) C6 zo6 Twin turbo G35 Modded Sti Procharged SRT8 1320 C.C DENVER ENJOY!

corvette z06 vs 50 trim neon srt4
corvette z06 vs 450 whp neon srt4 vs 475 whp evo on e85