Turbonetics 6465 @ 38psi in built srt4

4th gear on a loaded Mustang Dyno.

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Srt4 s400 @ 38psi in car
Tru Dyno sports Brutal speed and tuning

Srt4 fully built 5858 2nd &3rd gear
15 PSI. Crane 18 5858 Fully built

5431 SRT4 vs Zo6 STi SRT8 G35 TT (DENVER RACING w/ 1320 c.c)
My brothers Neon SRT4 running hard on Denver Streets. 5431 Precision turbocharger @ 27psi Bolt ons e85 tune Traction issues in 3rd 2step @ the end :) C6 zo6 Twin turbo G35 Modded Sti Procharged SRT8 1320 C.C DENVER ENJOY!

Ripping brians built motor big turbo srt4 low bst