LED Lightbar Streetlazer (Whole car)

LED lightbar Streetlazer from VisionAlert(UK), Dashlight Soundoff,INC./Predator LED (USA), Front lights Haztec LED(UK), Back lights Whelen Lin3 (USA) Side front lights FederalSignal Sputnik LED (USA)

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Koolertron 54 LED warning lights #1
The 54 LED Koolertron Warning lights are a low priced way to add that extra flash to your vehicle. Amazon Affiliate links: U.S. http://amzn.to/1KbcHMD U.K. http://amzn.to/1CPxNQx CDN. http://amzn.to/1z7Ladt Banggood: http://goo.gl/idKGrC EBAY: http://goo.gl/xORqkC

Code 3 - Collisions / Kolízie - výjazdy s VRZ
Kolízie, nevšímavosť a bezohľadnosť vodičov pri prejazde vozidiel s právom prednosti v jazde.

'95 Ram Lighting Demo Part 1
My son took this video one afternoon, displaying the various warning lights that have been added to our maintenance truck. He actually did all the wiring and electrical work on the truck himself, I was pretty impressed. Currently it has: -Amber/clear Whelen Edge 9004SL with corner strobes, front and rear flashers, takedowns, alley lights, front strobe cutout, and a low power function. -2x amber Axixtech LX4 lightheads on rear of headache rack -Amber Whelen SlimMiser on dash -2x amber Nova HAWs in reverse lights -Whelen CSP690 Power Supply (not hooked to strobes yet) -Sho-Me 11.1025.008 rotary LED flasher (still working on actual traffic advisor bar) The whole setup is controlled by a Brooking Industries BR-970(S) switchbox setup as follows: -Slide 1 activates LX4s -Slide 2 activates HAWs -Slide 3 activates lightbar strobes And the rest of the switches control the traffic advisor flasher, takedowns, alley lights, front and rear flashers, and the cutout and low power options for the lightbar strobes. In the future I'd like to add a couple of grill lights, just to round everything out. But with the economy the way it is, especially in the paper market, that will have to wait a while.

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