LED Lightbar Streetlazer (Whole car)

LED lightbar Streetlazer from VisionAlert(UK), Dashlight Soundoff,INC./Predator LED (USA), Front lights Haztec LED(UK), Back lights Whelen Lin3 (USA) Side front lights FederalSignal Sputnik LED (USA)

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High Vis "Emergency style" LED Car indicator/turn signals
Around 5 years ago I made some LED lighting for my car. The Led bulbs from tuning shops and ebay are rubbish, mainly because of the low intensity. I converted every bulb on my car except the main H4 headlamp. All others are LED including brake/stop/tail and interior. I made all of them from multiple clusters of 5MM clear LEDs. I watched a police car and a breakdown truck go past and had an idea. I made a simple circuit using 2 CMOS chips and 2 small mosfet transistors so it's all solid state and uses no noisy relays. In the UK it is illegal to have moving lights on a vehicle but I thought it would be good for "Hazard" warning or emergency breakdowns. And before you ask...yes I could easily do them in blue but I value my license thanks.

Response drive Police assistance/ Výjazd pohotovostneho vozidla asistencia Policií
Drive of rescue car with police....

MC8+ & MC-Duo - Product which allows many things
Ideal compact console designed to make installation and wiring easier, to increase safety and improve the on board control of any vehicle. It's also fully configurable with ConsoleExpress software. 8 keys - 10x20A outputs - 4 inputs

PREDATOR dual LED vnitřní, 12V, modrý
PREDATOR dual LED vnitřní, 12V, modrý, červený, oranžový - e-xenony.cz