Dadson Racing - Oran Park Raceway - Datsun 260z

Side by side footage of dad and i at oran park. over 2 laps we stay neck and neck often doing the exact same thing at the exact same time

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Datsun 240Z sprint at Sandown Melb
Local sprint race at Sandown in Melb in my 240Z with 2.8 efi with what I found out to have is a too tall 4.3 diff and runnin out of rpm's in 5th! Xcuse the camera contrast!

Evo 9 chasing Evo 9 at Oran Park Raceway
Evo 9's at Oran Park Raceway, sydney.

240Z track day
1971 240Z L28 turbo, 18 psi

Datsun 260z and a 240sx street race
the 240sx hits 118MPH!! and the datsun looses a bumper somewhere along the way.