Dadson Racing - Oran Park Raceway - Datsun 260z

Side by side footage of dad and i at oran park. over 2 laps we stay neck and neck often doing the exact same thing at the exact same time

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Dadson Racing - Wind Testing Vents
Testing the new bonnet vents I drilled into the bonnet for extra cooling. With the thermo fan disabled when the car is moving the temp gauge reads a solid 80 DegC (180 F) without budging on a 35DegC (95 F) day. Temperature still creeps when stationary even with the fan, but this is a huge improvement on before.

Dadson Racing - Festival of Sporting Cars - Racing Bathurst in a Datsun 260Z
this is some in car footage of one of my laps around bathurst easter weekend 2008 at the festival of sporting cars race meeting. The class was regularity. the only things i can say: 230K's in a zed is FREAKY! and this track is AWESOME!!!

Modified 260Z
Unfortunately I can't give credit for the author. However, he did SR20DETT swap and it's amazing.

Dadson Racing - Datsun 260z - Eastern Creek Regularity - Dry
A run of mine during friday practice following a couple of SC class Z's. Did faster laps but, typically, the camera battery went flat after the first corner.