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Das Symbian-Smartphone P910i von Sony Ericsson stellt seine Leistungsfähigkeit unter Beweis. Dieser Clip war mit meiner Ebay-Auktion (März 2008) verlinkt. Anmerkung für die iPhone-Fans: Das P910i war bereits seit Ende 2004 im Handel, also etwa 3 Jahre vor dem ersten Smartphone von Apple... English: I present my lovely mobile P910i from Sony Ericsson. I sold it in 2008 via Ebay. This clip was linked to my auction. For iPhone users: The P910i was since end of 2004 on market. This was three years before Apple put a smartphone on the market....

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sony p910i
this is a video for ebay, to show what applications are on the p910i. Item number: 130036814385

HTC Touch Diamond 2 vs Sony Ericsson P910i - part 2, software (1)
After using the Sony Ericsson P910i phone for nearly five years, I updated to the HTC Touch Diamond 2. While the Diamond 2 is a fantastic phone, it could be much better if it only had some of the brilliant and intuitive design features of the P910i. Note that this video is for my own amusement, it is not well researched and I'm not attempting to comprehensively review these phones or recommend one over the other (they are from entirely different eras). This is just for fun. This is video 2, looking at software.

Sony Ericsson P910i I
Part 1

SonyEriccson P910 - P990 Compare - Outside
SonyEriccson P910 - P990 Compare - Outside