Gun Collectors Take Over Gun Buy Back

in Seattle, Washington Hee hee. Gun Collectors Hijack Seattle Gun Buyback Program

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NY Gun Buyback Turns Into Gun Show
This is footage shot at a gun buyback in Binghamton, NY today. Several fellow patriots showed up to hold a gun rescue by pointing the potential buyback participants there was an FFL on site who would pay them fair value for their firearms. Thanks for watching. Like Share Comment Subscribe

Stupid Cop doesn't know what he's giving me a ticket for. Pretty damn funny.
On a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Venice bike path an LAPD officer was blocking the path on his motorcycle and another young girl was partially blocking the other side and bike traffic was backed up. I said, "officer, your motorcycle is blocking the bike path" to which he replied, "I can give you a ticket for that". As seen on YoVenice. :) A bit later and I have sirens pulling me over and I record the rest. You really gotta listen to how stupid this is. Some good quotes in there.

Seattle Gun Ban Shot Down
A Seattle judge granted an injunction to halt enforcement of a gun ban that was imposed by Mayor Greg Nickels in violation of Washington State's preemption law

County's gun buyback backfires
County's gun buyback backfires