Gun Collectors Take Over Gun Buy Back

in Seattle, Washington Hee hee. Gun Collectors Hijack Seattle Gun Buyback Program

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County's gun buyback backfires
County's gun buyback backfires

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Gun Buyback in Dallas, Texas 2-28-2009
Trey Garrison and Amanda Warr spend a Saturday morning getting to the bottom of a gun buyback program in Dallas, Texas. It was cold. It was windy. They met some great folks and they met some idiots. And as much as they learned, at the very least, Trey learned that Amanda's name is not Ann and Amanda learned that Trey Garrison isn't nearly as scary as you'd think. Organizers say 147 guns were turned in Saturday. Of the 70 or so we saw turned in that morning, maybe three were worth anything: a Model 1911 Colt .45, a old 1940s police issue .38, and a post-War silver Walther P-38. The rest was sentimental garbage rusty hand me downs from grandpa, beat up rifles, a slew of Raven Arms .25 popguns, and many old junk revolvers. The question that started this all was what makes Dallas safer when it comes to guns. Is it people disarming themselves? Is it people arming themselves? We both had our preconceived notions about the answer when we started. And our preconceived notions about the people who would show up whatever their motivations. Instead we met the councilman behind the buyback who told us You got to have a gun. We met people like Don Pogue and Curtis Jackson, who were just getting rid of old junk they had while keeping their good firearms at home. We met gun lovers like Brian, looking to make buyback attendees a better offer, but who on seeing the condition of most of what was turned in, said, Most of this stuff should be destroyed. You cant have people relying on these old pieces. (He encouraged them to buy better arms.) And we had a gun poseur who couldnt tell a piece of history from a piece of shit. The fact is, one more gun turned in isnt going to make the city of Dallas better. Sure, it could be stolen and used in a crime. Just as likely it could be used in defense. And one more gun kept isnt going to make Dallas any better, either. It may be used to protect someone. It may also be used by a kid because some dolt didnt know how to properly store it. Then we met Sonya Whitaker. Thats her. We didnt get everything she said on video. Technical glitch, so sue Amanda. But she told us how she was turning in an old rusty revolver her granddad gave her that was useless. Her South Oak Cliff house had been burglarized twice, and she didnt want some criminal getting it. She also told us the police werent doing enough in South Oak Cliff to combat crime, and maybe turning in this old useless lump of iron might show good faith. Sonya mused that if perhaps she showed a liitle good faith, then perhaps her city would show faith in her community and patrol a little more often. She complained about how the city told her neighbors they should hire off-duty cops for security which sounds an awful lot like a mob scam more than a city service. Sonya is a second generation Oak Cliffer. She went to college and works at a Dallas hospital. She made sure her son is going to college. She has no intention of moving out of Oak Cliff no matter how well she does. Shes taking a stand. Shes putting pressure on the police to do something. Shes involved in her community. Would she be safer if she owned a better gun and knew how to use it? Maybe. But since she couldnt bring it to where she works, and shes been burglarized twice, maybe not. No, she's making Dallas better because shes staying and fighting to make her little piece better. Shes staying where middle class people are needed most, trying to turn her neighborhood around. And shes starting at home, with her son. You know who is going to make Dallas better and safer? Not politicians, not police, not gun owners, and not anti-gun wieners. Its people like Sonya. Learn more about Trey Garrison at: Learn about Amanda Warr at: