Gun Collectors Take Over Gun Buy Back

in Seattle, Washington Hee hee. Gun Collectors Hijack Seattle Gun Buyback Program

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Seattle Gun Ban Shot Down
A Seattle judge granted an injunction to halt enforcement of a gun ban that was imposed by Mayor Greg Nickels in violation of Washington State's preemption law

County's gun buyback backfires
County's gun buyback backfires

Crash your local gun "buyback" and find great deals!!!!
Shooting my Colt "Official Police" 38 special revolver manufactured in 1964. I saved this from the anti-gun buyback in Portland Oregon. I paid $100 for it. Subscribed for more videos of guns I've bought by attending these buybacks and offer cash in a legal (in some states) private party transfer on the sidewalk outside the events.

Gun Buyback Program - Winston Salem, North Carolina
The Winston Salem Police hold gun buyback events to promote gun safety awareness and decrease gun violence.