1970 Olds 350 #6 heads

Now that my short block is finished it's time to focus on heads. The heads are original Oldsmobile #6 castings with small valves and standard rate springs...this will all change very soon. Time to play!

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Olds 350 (Part 2)
The heads finally arrive from the machine shop. I got a few nice coats of Oldsmobile gold paint on the block and heads... it shouldn't be long before we start this beast.

1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350 Motor rebuild
Another video that i have put together on rebuilding an Oldsmobile motor, this one is for my 1970 Rallye 350 post Cutlasss S that is numbers matching.

Information about Oldsmobile V8 engines
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Olds cylinder head- pouring aluminum in the exhaust port
Pouring molten aluminum in the center two Exhaust ports of an Olds C head. The reasons are two-fold. You're blocking the heat to the intake manifold and also blocking off the open area behind the center two Exhaust valves. There is a good amount of turbulence in stock form that hurts the air flow in those two ports so when you reshape the aluminum the flow improves and should be equal to the outer ports. In the past I've melted down old pistons but this time used scrap aluminum. Use a rosebud tip on your torch to get the heat way up and melt it in a cast iron frying pan. Old school for sure but it still works!