Twin Loop on 95 Accord EX

Twin loop on an f22b1 SOHC vtec accord

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Accord Tribute
people really like the first accord tribute i made. so i decided to make another one. and this time i add my own CD5. it can be seen at 1:47 & 5:56

1995 Accord EX No Muffler Exhaust Sound
Pulled muffler off a 1995 Accord EX (F22B1 Engine). The vehicle still has a converter and resonator. The vehicle also has an intake on it as well.

A-Spec 95 Accord H22A Turbo Dyno 482ps
1995 Accord SiR H22A+GT2835R turbo 482ps アコード CD6 パワーチェック ダイナパック Thanks:A-Spec enterprise

CB7 Accord F20b swap twin loop exhaust
Phearable Ecu 5k launch control. Not road worthy yet until I get proper tune. Still 2.25in piping, Magnaflow catalytic converter and a torque tube resonator.