Twin Loop on 95 Accord EX

Twin loop on an f22b1 SOHC vtec accord

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My 95' Accord Tribute (Rest in Peace)
My 95' honda accord tribute.. first car, didn't even have it for a year. going for the jdm style but never finish it. Rest in Peace (Apr.08 - Nov.08)

h22 accord launch control
95 accord with an h22a4 converted to obd1 swap. small revs, then launch control at 4k, my dogs clearly don't like it so they start barking mods are JDM pistons (10.6-1 compression) intake, header, and skunk2 catback, but no cat. ECU is from

CB7 Accord F20b swap twin loop exhaust
Phearable Ecu 5k launch control. Not road worthy yet until I get proper tune. Still 2.25in piping, Magnaflow catalytic converter and a torque tube resonator.

Accord Tribute
people really like the first accord tribute i made. so i decided to make another one. and this time i add my own CD5. it can be seen at 1:47 & 5:56