subaru antilag

subaru antilag

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Subaru STI's are one of the only cars I love, saw this one and had to beast up the mountain with him on my ZX10R, had fun until all I saw were COPS ! (Click "SHOW MORE" For Links To All Info & Merch) GET YOUR CHEAH! KEYCHAIN HERE: *OFFICIAL BXD STICKERS* BXD LOGO: SEX JUICE: PePe Frog: SUBARU DRIVER: ***SOCIAL MEDIA*** INSTAGRAM: TWITTER - FACEBOOK - TWITCH TV - SOUND CLOUD - PATREON: 2nd Channel - GamingChannel - ME GUSTA SONG: ***OFFICIAL BXD SHIRTS & HOODIES*** SHIRTS: HOODIES: BE IN A MAIL VIDEO, MAIL STUFF TO: bakerXderek PO BOX: 2909 San Bernardino, CA 92406 My Motorcycles: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R 1000cc 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 *MY GEAR* Helmets: ICON AirFrame Pro Green | Scorpion EXO 1100 Jackets: ICON Hypersport Prime Hero Green | ICOM Team Merc | ICON Sanctuary | ICON Overlord STUNT CAGE: Impaktech CAMERAS: GoPro Hero 3+ Black | Nikon D3300

Ghost Rider - Subaru vs Police
Tuned Subaru playing with the police.. lol.

Subaru GC8 Mountain Pass Fun with Anti-Lag
Anti-Lag at its best on this Subaru. NOT ME JUST A VIDEO I'VE PUT UP.

Anti Lag & BackFire & Sounds (Dyno) Ford- BMW- Subaru- Lada-EVO-RX7
Anti Lag & BackFire & Sounds (Dyno): 1. 1987 Ford Mustang Drift Car- Vortech Supercharger, LINK ECU, Flame Griller Anti Lag. 2. BMW E30 M50 turbo - Anti Lag Flame Thrower 820WHP @ 1.9BAR on Ethanol E100, 3. Anti Lag Flame. Thrower. 2000 Subaru Impreza Sti 2.0L ViPec ECU, Tuned By Ahmad Daham. 4. Lada Riva RB25 Engine Swap, Anti Lag on Dyno. Link ECU, Tuned by Ahmad Daham. 5. Anti lag- Mohd Aleswed's BMW E36 M3 turbo on pump gas, Tuned by Ahmad Daham via Link ECU. 6. BMW E30 2JZ ENGINE SWAP 460WHP ANTI LAG ON Dyno ,Tuned by Ahmad Daham via Link ECU. 7. BMW E30 turbo Drift Car - Anti Lag Flame Exhaust,Tuned by Ahmad Daham via Link ECU. 8. Mitsubishi EVO IX Anti Lag,Tuned by Ahmad Daham via Link ECU. 9. Mazda RX7 2JZ Flame Thrower Anti Lag, Engine Al Hourani Centre, Tuned by A.Daham, NMK Dyno Jordan.