1978 KZ1000 / Z1 Drag Bike

This one is in for a carb cleaning and a good tune up... Sweet old girl

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KZ900 Drag Bike - Built by Frank's Cycle Shop, Melbourne FL
Best time 8.60 sec @ 151 mph. Wiseco 15:1 1430cc - Frank's Cycle Shop in Melbourne. 39 years experience, Warren Cramer sole proprietor. Engine Rebuilding Specialist. Also Servicing and Repairing all makes of motorcycles. Melbourne, FL -- (321) 952-9000.

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1978 Kawasaki KZ1000 / Z1 up and running 2nd start
Idle problem turned out to be a bad plug wire on #3 - replaced all of them and the idle cleared up -- Babygirl got some goomph - I didn't do the original work so without taking it apart I have no way of knowing but it definitely sounds like it has at least a cam - Main Jets were #125's and she's a little rich cold but once she's warmed up she clears out on her own - Dyna ignition and Dyna coils - Accell wires Spark plug heat range was dropped from an 8 to a 9 I just gave the bike a good once over and got it back up and running again - The intakes were actually loose and he was running the bike like that - Guy had wire nuts on the harness instead of bullet connectors or soldered/shrink wrapped connections - lot of corroded wire ends I had to fix - Excellent/ Truly fun bike to work on - Everythings clean and simple - easy to get to...

1980 Honda Cb750K Up and running (again)
Stupid spark plug wire caused me a morning of having to go through the carbs