RX8 vs S2000

RX8 vs S2000 race

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TypeR vs MR2 vs S2000 vs GTi6 vs Megan R26 vs RX8
1. S2000 2. Megan RS 3. 306GTi6 4. Type R 5. MR 2 6. RX7

Mazda RX 8 vs BMW 3.30 ci roll
Rx8 76mm single Exhaust, bhr ignition kit and Aem cai BMW 3.30ci unknown

Prelude vs. RX-8
Just messin around in some tunnels. Mostly wanted to get a fly-by shot of my friends RX-8. Surprisingly the whole thing sounded pretty nice in the confines of the tunnel. Anyway, yea he won, no surprise. Only "hp" upgrades I have are: -AEM CAI -Thermal R&D dual tip catback. Looks almost stock. ***got a mazdaspeed 6 now. woohoo, i will miss the lude =\

RX-8 vs S2000
180SX vs FD2 CIVIC TYPE R https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27wbidEkM2M Ultimate Mazda RX-8 Sound Compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuu0gXhvHRQ