Building a drift missile part 2

Like us on FaceBook Joe and I continue to get the R-33 Nissan Skyline ready for the track, today we install a spin turn knob, steering wheel and a big ass tach.

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drift missile build part 3, how to install a differential
Like us on Facebook: Joe and I finish building the r33 4 door skyline drift missile. We install a differential, side steps, strut bars, and roll the fenders a little bit. The next time you see this car it will be on the track getting sideways!!

Drift Car Graveyard, AKA, The Missile Farm. Ebisu Circuit Japan.
We take a closer look at the "Drift Car Graveyard", AKA "The Missile Farm at Ebisu Japan. The drift farm is used by people to store track cars at Ebisu circuit in Japan.

Camping in Japan
Today we head to Shindo-Doshi camp ground in Sagamihara Japan for a fun day. Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos about Japan.

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