Electric Drive System Overview by James Lambden, Propulsion Marine is now Electroprop.com

Propulsion Marine's Electric Drive System, Now Electroprop.com for Sailboats by James Lambden. A Revolution in sailing. Shot & Cut by Matthew Marzano Produced by Matt's Media Mountain www.mattsmediamountain.com

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Full Installation of Electric Drive Including Alignment
Installation of the Propulsion Marine Electric Drive in a Catalina 30 including alignment, gearbox, and controller.

Electric Jet Unit
Testing my diy electric jet unit. More infos: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=41960

Jamie Hyneman's Electric Outboard Boat Motor
Jamie shows Will his latest project: a hybrid electric outboard motor that he put together to replace the traditional loud gas motor of a speedboat. Jamie explains the advantages of this motor system and how its custom power supply compares to that in hybrid and electric cars.

Twin Electric Marine Drive by eCycle
Twin Electric Marine Drive by eCycle. 24VDC/400A.