1g FWD DSM Drag Race, Eric Rose 14.0 @ 99 mph 14b turbo Plymouth Laser

Eric's clean 1ga Laser making a pass. Car went in the mid 13's earlier in the night but I missed it. New England Dragway 10/5/12 Epping, NH New England DSM

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Early 80's Ford Pick Up Track Drag Race, 10.7 @ 123 mph
Believe it is an early 1980's ford truck, nice twist off the line. New England Dragway 10/5/12 Epping, NH

1g Rear wheel drive dsm Drag Race, 8 second dsm - Kevin Jewer 8.75 @ 155mph - New Best ET - In Car
Kevin Jewer's Rear Wheel Drive Eagle Talon runs a new best ET on his new PTE 6766 turbo. Car still has more in it, need to make some adjustments. 7/13/12 New England Dragway Epping, NH New England DSM

GMC Diesel Pick Up truck drag Race, 11.1 @ 123 mph, diesel power challenge 2012
Fastest diesel pick up I have seen in person. New England Dragway 10/5/12 Epping, NH

T1 Race Development - Slow-Motion Drag Launches at the Midwest FWD Nationals, July 7th & 8th, 2012
While we didn't get the opportunity to shoot any 'production' quality video out at the Midwest FWD Nationals on July 7th & 8th, luckily Wayne Potts had the camera in-hand and and was able to capture some pretty cool Slow-Motion shots of some of the cars leaving the line at 240 frames per second. We just patched them together, compiled them in a video, and thought we'd share. Interesting stuff going on with some of these cars. Looking forward to getting even more of this type of footage at the drag strip. Filmed by Wayne Potts Edited by Andrew Campbell Music Credit: "Drop Of Water In the Ocean" by Broke For Free (http://brokeforfree.com)