2007 Silver Impala SS V8 - SuperSport Dual Exhaust Sports Car

2007 Silver Impala SS 5.3L V8 fully loaded. 23,659 miles Located in Austin, TX Condition: Like New For Sale This is a video slideshow of a car I am selling. It is a gorgeous, silver Impala SS 5.3L V8 with only 23,659 miles on it. It is in beautiful condition and is like a brand new vehicle! It is super clean and smoke free! The vehicle is located in Austin, TX.

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2007 Impala SS resonator delete
My buddies 07 Impala SS after he deleted the resonator. Car is otherwise stock for now. I will try to get more videos showcasing the Exhaust note soon. It has a nica deep sound at idle and minimal raspiness when revving but sounds good for stock mufflers.

2007 Impala SS resonator delete magnaflow exhaust
Rate/Comment Please!!!! Quick walk by. Has a magnaflow catback Exhaust, k&n air intake, other add-ons that you can see.

Impala SS Magnaflow
09 Impala SS with a Magnaflow Magnapack muffler, no cat or resonator and 6k miles on the muffler.

2006 Impala SS Exhaust Clip with headers
2006 Impala SS , catless headers,magnaflow,