Toyota Camry mod time. Part 1: Tires

I've had my 2007 v6 Camry for awhile now and haven't done much to it as far as modifications go. I had it lowered on TRD springs and it was terrible. A spirited drive in it revealed that it needed some attention in the handling department. Here is the start. More to come (very soon).

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Toyota Camry Production
Toyota Camry Production. Kentucky Plant Subscribe

Camry Trunk Lift Mod
This is a video demonstrating how much higher a rubber band from an old truck tire and an "S" hook added to a local Singapore Camry can enhance the opening height of the trunk.

2007 Toyota Camry V6 Modified
This is my 07 Camry V6. Installed Magnaflow Exhaust, 18'' Tenzo Type M Gunmetal rims, TRD springs, K&N intake, LED Taillights, HID's, black house halo headlights, roof lip and more

2012, 2013, 2014 Toyota Camry 2.5L Air Intake Installation
See how easy it is to add more performance to your 2012-2014 Toyota Camry 2.5L with this K&N air intake system. This intake system created an estimated gain of 6 horsepower at 5,605 RPM and 5 lb. ft. of torque at 4,095 RPM when tested on the K&N dynamometer. K&N 69-8620TTK fits the following: 2014 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.5L L4 2013 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.5L L4 2012 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.5L L4