Toyota Camry mod time. Part 1: Tires

I've had my 2007 v6 Camry for awhile now and haven't done much to it as far as modifications go. I had it lowered on TRD springs and it was terrible. A spirited drive in it revealed that it needed some attention in the handling department. Here is the start. More to come (very soon).

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Toyota Camry Production
Toyota Camry Production. Kentucky Plant Subscribe

TRD Springs Installed
The TRD springs for the Camry have been installed...

Camry 2007 LED mods 6th Gen
Here are a few mods i did to my 6th Gen 2007 Camry.. Details of each to come and info on how i installed and wired everything! If this gets enough hits though :) like.. Comment.. Ask!

2010 Toyota Camry SE
showing some of the lights i installed into the car. more videos coming soon!!! ***like***