Toyota Camry mod time. Part 1: Tires

I've had my 2007 v6 Camry for awhile now and haven't done much to it as far as modifications go. I had it lowered on TRD springs and it was terrible. A spirited drive in it revealed that it needed some attention in the handling department. Here is the start. More to come (very soon).

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How to Install Lowering Springs on Toyota Camry is the leading Toyota Camry resource for technical DIY guides. Changing out your stock springs with some lowering springs can add some performance to the suspension of your car, and even make it look a bit better. For the full step-by-step article, please visit lowering-springs-397321 Most quality spring manufacturers will sell you a lowering spring that will lower your car 1-2". Anything over that and you are going to reach a point of diminishing returns. Installing the lowering springs will take three to six hours to do. The cost will be one-hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty depending on the brand and the height of the springs. The difficulty is moderate and prior knowledge of the suspension system would help with this task. The materials you’ll need are: socket sizes 10mm-22mm sockets, a ratchet, wrench sizes 10mm-19mm, coil spring compressor, floor jack, jack stands, impact gun, 5mm to 8mm Allen wrenches, and a torque wrench. Step 1 – Jack up the car Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel. Jack up the car. Slowly lower it onto the jack stands. Step 2 – Remove the Strut Remove the wheel. Remove the stabilizer link from the strut tower with a 5mm Allen socket. Remove the ABS wire clip. Remove the 12mm bolt from the brake line. Remove the two 22mm bolts. Remove the three 14mm nuts from the top of the strut tower. Support the bottom of the steering knuckle with a jack stand or the factory scissor jack. With measured force, begin to wrestle the strut out of the car. Step 3 – Transfer New Spring Grab the spring compressor and get it onto both sides of the spring. Get it snug by turning the crank. Do not tighten the compressors completely. Use an electric impact gun to remove the nut that is on the top of the spring and remove the top hat. If you want to also change your shocks this is the time to do it. If not then just put the new spring over the factory shocks. When putting the top hat back on, look for this arrow pointing down to let you know it is on correctly. You’ll need to again compress the new springs, but not as much as the factory ones. Step 4 – Install Strut The strut goes back into the car. Careful with the studs at the top, they are fragile. Line everything up, and then bolt it all back together. Remember, when you lower your car, you lower the center of balance. The ride quality and the driving characteristics will change. Check with a pro first and make sure you use equipment made for your car. Now go get an alignment and enjoy your new point of view.

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