Ford GT Acceleration Sound!!!

Crazy-ass acceleration and small powerslide by a Ford GT on city streets in Beverly Hills (Canon Dr. to be exact). I was watching it so the car tracking quality isn't up to par...sorry guys, I was watching the car instead of my camera :P But, I hope you can enjoy its music that's produced by this BEAST, especially on the acceleration after the wheelspin. Please remember to comment, rate and subscribe, and thanks for watching!

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RARE Ferrari 430 Scuderia TriColori Edition
Beautiful 430 Scud with the Italian flag colors painted on as stripes (TriColori). Really nice start-up and idle and then a nice little Exhaust note--sorry guys, no brutal acceleration in this vid :P Anyways, remember to comment, rate, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE and thanks for watching!

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster LOUD Start-up, Rev, and Acceleration
As you can see from the video, the car was so loud that I jumped when it first Anyways, this is an old video I dug up along with others that will be on YouTube shortly, including a video of a Ford GT drift :D And a little history about this car--it has since been painted matte green (no, not a wrap, painted) and has been given new wheels, new bodykit, and a twin turbo upgrade. Please remember to comment, rate, subscribe(!!) and thanks for watching!

Ferrari 599 GTO Sound! Ride, Revs, Startups, Accelerations and Walkaround!!!
This was beyond ridiculous! Such a monstrous car and so powerful! In the vid you can see walkarounds highlighting the angles of the car and you can also HEAR it, too. There's some in car footage (with some Wiz and Lil Wayne haha) and also some out of car footage of the sound. Watch for the little powerslide during the driving scenes. Remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for watching!!! And also a shout out to the awesome dude who gave me the ride :D

Supercar Acceleration Sounds! Ferraris Lamborghinis Maseratis ETC!!!
A great day back at Motor 4 Toys in 2009. In the vid you can see tons of cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis. IMO the best sounding car is the black Ferrari 599 GTB. Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching!!!