STAGE 1: Fox Body Mustang Project Car by

Our 93 GT convertible is in rough shape! Ready to watch us overhaul it? Say hello to our new Project Car, our 1993 Mustang GT Convertible! We're bringing this 'vert back from neglect and transforming it into the car we always wished Ford would build; a 93 Cobra Convertible. Now, we wouldn't just throw Cobra badges on any Mustang, so you'll have to follow along the entire series of Stages to see what we have up our sleeves! For the first stage of our build, this GT was in serious need of a tune-up! We wanted to get our GT running right, before we started working on the rest of the overhaul. The parts we installed for Stage 1 included: Exedy Mach 350 Stage 1 Clutch - SR Performance Clutch Adjuster Kit - NGK Iridium IX Performance Spark Plugs - MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires - Accel Replacement Cap & Rotor Kit - Gray - Ford Motorcraft Serpentine Belt - Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator - Mishimoto Performance Slim Electric Radiator Fan - Mishimoto Racing Thermostat - Ford Racing Performance Radiator Hose Kit - SR Performance Black Cold Air Intake - SR Performance Billet Smog Pump Eliminator - Replacement Fender - RH - Unpainted - Replacement Fender - LH - Unpainted - After this much-needed maintenance, it was time to get Project Fox Body to the paint booth! We'll be giving this Mustang the full restoration treatment. We'll see you soon for Stage 2 of this 93 Ford Mustang project build.

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STAGE 2: Fox Body Mustang Project Car by
We completely restore our 93 GT back to showroom condition in this video! For Stage 2 of Project Fox Body, it was time to take our Ford Mustang restoration to the next level! After getting the car back from paint, we headed straight for the problem areas, including the neglected convertible top, interior/dash and weatherstripping. For Stage 2, we installed the following: Stock OE Headlights - Black 10th Anniversary Cobra Style Wheels - Replacement Tail Light Lens - LH - Replacement Tail Light Lens - RH - Fox Body Cowl Vent Grille - Replacement Stainless Wiper Arms - LH/RH - Windshield Lower Trim Moldings - Fixed Black Antenna - 14 inch - Power Mirrors - Convertible - Pair - Replacement Convertible Top - Black - Replacement Convertible Rear Window Glass - Black - Convertible Top Pads - Convertible Top Boot - Black - Convertible Top Side Cables - Convertible J-Hook Latch - Convertible Latch Catch And Alignment Pin Guide Kit - Windshield Lower Trim Moldings - Inner And Outer Door Belt Weatherstrip Kit - Convertible - Inner And Outer Quarter Window Belt Weatherstrip Kit - Convertible - Door Reveal Molding Extension Kit - Convertible - Quarter Window Vertical Weatherstrip Kit - Convertible - A-Pillar Post Weatherstripping Kit - Convertible - Convertible Door End Cap Weatherstripping - Pair - Convertible Top Header Weatherstrip - Convertible Top Side Rail Weatherstrip - LH - Convertible Top Side Rail Weatherstrip - RH - Interior Restoration Paint - Black - Replacement Floor Carpet - Convertible - Black - Black Door Arm Rest Pad - Right Power Window - Black Door Arm Rest Pad - Left Power Window - Center Console Arm Rest Pad - Black - Leather Shifter Boot - Headlight Switch w/ Foglight - Ashtray Door Repair Kit - Stay tuned for Stage 3 of our Foxbody Project Car build, where we aim for a little bit of performance to back up the Cobra styling that we're after!

Project Fox Body STAGE 3: Mustang Project by
Watch us add over 100 horsepower and torque to this 1993 GT! For Stage 3 of our 1993 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, Project Fox Body, we wanted to crank up the horsepower to match our Cobra styling! We completely overhauled our cylinder heads, intake manifold, headers, Exhaust system, h-pipe and more! We then took our 93 'vert and threw it on the Dyno to see what kind of horsepower gains we could find. For Stage 3, we installed the following: Ford Racing turbo-Swirl GT40X Aluminum Head - Ford Racing E303 Performance Camshaft - Ford Racing Black Cobra Valve Covers - Ford Racing Ceramic Shorty Headers for GT-40P Heads - BBK Off-Road H-Pipe - Flowmaster American Thunder Catback - Stainless Steel - SR Performance Lowering Springs - Coupe - SR Performance Caster Camber Plates - SR Performance Full Length Subframe Connectors - Black - Replacement Fog Light - LH/RH - Ford Racing Cylinder Head Gaskets - Ford Racing 289/302 Head Bolt Kit - Ford Racing High Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifter Kit - Ford Racing High Performance Pushrods - Ford Racing Valve Cover Gaskets - BBK Electric Fuel Pump Kit - 255 LPH - Accel High Performance EV1 Fuel Injectors - 24lb - SR Performance 70mm Throttle Body - BBK Billet Mass Air Meter for Cold Air Intake and 24lb Injectors - Stay tuned, because you never know when you'll see Project Fox Body again!

Top 5 Fixes for Fox Body Mustangs In this CJ's Top 5 video, Bill & the crew at CJ's go over the top 5 issues to fix on your Fox Body Mustang. As Bill goes over each issue, he will provide you with a link that you can follow, so you can learn more about how to fix these common Fox Body quirks. Stay tuned for some great new installments. Also, if you'd like to let us know your own top 5 Fox Body fixes, don't hesitate to shout out to us. Post in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Subscribe to CJ Pony Parts on YouTube here:

Project Fox Body: STAGE 4- Supercharged Mustang Goes 11 Seconds!
Watch us run an 11-second pass in our Supercharged 1993 GT Convertible! In Stage 4, we cranked up the power on our 1993 Ford Mustang GT Convertible known as Project Foxbody. In the first 3 stages, we completely restored our 93 'vert and then made it look like the car we always wanted Ford to build - a 93 Cobra Convertible. After a little bit of power added at the end of Stage 3, we were feeling pretty good about the build. But, being that we're AmericanMuscle, it just wasn't fast enough! For Stage 4, we installed: 8.8 31 Spline Axles & 3.73 Gear Upgrade kit -- 5 Lug FRPP Aluminum Diff Cover MSD Power Grid Controller MSD TFI Performance Coil Prothane Motor Mounts Taylor Aluminum Relocation Battery Box PA Performance High Output Alternator -- 200 Amp PA Performance Premium Power Wire kit SCT BA-3000 Big Air 90mm MAF Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft Aeromotive High Flow Fuel Rail Kit Edelbrock High Performance Fuel Injectors MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires AJE Racing Adjustable UCA's J&M Weight Jacker LCA's Chrome Oil Fill Breather Corbeau Camlock Harness 5-point 6 Point Roll Cage Vortech V-3 SCi -- Black edition (10psi) Stay tuned... who knows what we'll run when we head back to the track with a new clutch!