2.9L Whipple SVT Cobra

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2004 SVT Cobra 2.9L Whipple first start-up / idle / walk around
Just installed a Whipple 2.9L on my 04 Cobra along with a Lethal Performance budget return fuel system. The car is being tuned remotely by Eric Brooks of Brooksspeed tuning. so far I am very happy with what Eric has done, the car started right up and idles perfect without any issues the first time. Wide open throttle tune and HP/TQ numbers coming soon.

1965 Shelby GT350 R
Lot 134 at the 2012 Monterey auction. http://bit.ly/MplW08

GT500 2.9 Whipple
GT500 Shelby Whipple Cobra 2008 2007Mustang Track Whipple Superchargers Jon Lund Lund Racing 72 lb Injectors Steeda M&T Tires Lethal Performance Lethal Performance Mustang Performance Shelby PerformanceMustang PartsGT500 PerformanceShelby Specialists

'03 450+whp Silver Metallic SVT Cobra Exhaust,S/C Whine,Take-offs, Launch Reactions
This was performed on a closed course. Do not try this at home. Specs: -2.76 Pulley -intake -60lb injectors -dual pass heat exchanger w/ electric cooling fans -off road h pipe -John Lund Tune