Matsuda Racing's Blown '48 Fiat Topolino Altered

Blown alky 350 SBC, 6-71 Danekas, PG, Ford 9".

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"The Big Block Chevy Experiment"
What would happen if you took a 460 BBC out of a Camaro that ran 10.60s and dropped it into an altered? The test vehicle is Matsuda Racing's '48 Fiat Topolino altered (normally powered by a blown alcohol small block Chevy). Video by Linda Matsuda.

My 2nd Pass Matsuda Racing Blown Alcohol Hemi Top Dragster
Engine missing all the way down. After this pass we replaced the mag and coil and it ran the 6 second pass.

6.79@197 MPH Matsuda Racing Blown Alcohol Hemi Top Dragster
1st race back since my near death experience on my MTB and we almost surpassed my personal best ET with a 6.79@197 MPH. We were fighting ignition issues all day but got it figured out by nightfall.

Disturbed family Racing 48 Fiat Runs as good as it looks
A very nice Hot Rod running at Bremerton Nostalgia Drags August 24,25 and 26 Very nice Back up Gal.