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Tough Trucks 2008 Highlights video, Del Mar

Del Mar Tough Trucks competition, tuff trucks, major highlights.


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Tuff trucks 2005
Del Mar tuff trucks 2005

2011 Del Mar Fair Tuff Trucks
The Tuff Truck event at the 2011 Del Mar Fair was held Tuesday June 28th and race-dezert.com was there to catch all the action.

2006 Tough Truck Comp
Morning Side's Darcy Rimmer enters his freshly rebiult 1990 Ford Ranger, needs rebiulding again, oouch!!!

Northwestern Michigan Fair, Tough Trucks 2009--1999 Ford F150 AND a Kid gets arrested!
Northwestern Michigan Fair, Tough Trucks 2009--1999 Ford F150 AND a Kid gets arrested! I don't know what for, but it was amusing. 1999 Ford F150 driven by Greg Hougan of Benzonia. Just as a note, when I posted this video, I didn't care to know who the kid was or what he did. Again, it was just amusing to see someone getting arrested while at a Tough Truck Competition at a County Fair.

Tough Truck
Jumping 76 feet in a stock Bronco

2008 Chevy truck entered in traverse city tough truck part 1
man enters a 2008 chevy in the traverse city michigan tough truck competition

Tough Truck (Dodge D50 & Ford F150) racing in Oregon
Here is a clip of two stock trucks in a tough truck competition in Oregon.

2008 Chevy truck entered in traverse city tough truck part 2
2008 chevy breaks leaf sping in tough truck

2008-11-01 - Monster Spectacular - tuff trucks
2008-11-01 - Monster Spectacular 1er Novembre - Camions monstres, monster trucks, Ambiance, jet cars, VTT, demolition, derby, tuff trucks, moto, Megasaurus, wheely, freestyle

Tough Trucks
Tough Truck bloopers and some of the best runs. The Bash For Cash 2007 Saskatoon, Sk.

2008 Luxton Tough Truck
It's that time of year again! Looking for a great way to end your summer? For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to grow up in the West-com, here's a chance to get your Langford on in true style! I'm hoping to get a chosen few of us together to check out this event. I went last year and it was truly the most rewarding $10 I've spent in a long time. 10 broken driveshafts, excavators pulling trucks off huge obstacles, rollovers (insert Tim Taylor grunt here!), a 12 and 14yr/old schooling everyone else on how to drive, a beer garden and a fair to attend afterwards with the girls if such a thing pleases you. And this was all on the first day! I plan to go both days, but a wise 4x4'er (Matt) once told me, that on the Saturday all the trucks are running but come Sunday, many have retired to lick their wounds. However, he also said though that those which are still running on Sunday tend to "let it all hang out" as there is no need to save their trucks for another day. So if you can only make one day, on Saturday you'll see more trucks, but on Sunday they ones that are left may be driving a little harder. You decide. These video's fail to capture the true magnitude of the obstacles, adrenalin and of course the testosterone levels present at the event. It is a family event, so it does not fully creep into the Redneck/Hillbilly lifestyle - but it comes close. If you know anyone else who might be interested, bring them along! There's nothing better than watching a grown man cry after he enters his $40K truck, rolls it and realizes that was an expensive way to prove "how much of a man he is". http://www.luxtonfair.ca/4x4%202007.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mennVR_QvXM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYQ2QeeGsnA&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6mWLTPO7mI&feature=related

Superwinch Tuff Truck Challenge
Raw footage taken from the Superwinch Tuff Truck Challenge held at the 'Hidden Four Wheel Drive Park', New Zealand in 2007. http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT773

Tough Truck Competition
Me being an idiot and taking my 1987 2wd 1/2 heavy ton with a 350 v8 just ripping through the course til i smashed her into the concrete and bent the lower control arm but she kept digging!

Tough Truck or Monster Truck?
the slowest biggest and weirdest truck in friday nights tough truck field

Tuff Truck Challenge 2012
some bits and pieces from this years Tuff Truck event

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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