08 toyota tundra driving through a flood on the hardy toll road feeder in houston

It was raining pretty bad and instead of being stuck in traffic on I45 in North Houston I decided to jump on the hardy toll road. The only problem was that the exits off of the tollway were blocked of because the feeders were flooded. This is video of me in my 2008 toyota tundra and other trucks driving through the madness. note: this is the tundra recalled sticky pedal truck... All of my lights are on in my truck dashboard now,, traction control doesnt work, no abs or curtain airbags either.. i'll post a new video of the lights and stuff. The truck only has 30k miles so it is all under warranty I just have to take it in. Still I love my truck!!

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Trucks Driving through Houston Texas Flood Waters Of Willow Creek at Willow Creek Golf Club
**this is not from Hurricane Harvey, but please donate to help Houston recover http://youcaring.com/jjwatt Trucks Driving through Houston Texas Flood Waters Of Willow Creek at Willow Creek Golf Club Some people follow the "Turn Around Don't Drown" rule. The Chevy Avalanche wimped out for about 20 minutes then finally went through. The Ford trucks seemed to hesitate the least. Do what you want with this information. Trucks driving through high water, floods and on a golf course. You may not use this video without permission.

Driving on flooded streets in new jeep
My manager helped me out by taking me home due to weather, and he had just got a new jeep and his crazy ass drove all over haha.

toyota tundra in flood
my 2001 toyota tundra in tallahassee after tropical storm fay

Driving my Dodge truck in flooding high water the road at Lake Texoma (Pelican's Landing) funny fail
Sharing, liking and subscribing is much appreciated! Some friends and I went driving around Lake Texoma looking at all the flooding and they videoed me driving through a flooded road after chickening out of riding with me.