08 toyota tundra driving through a flood on the hardy toll road feeder in houston

It was raining pretty bad and instead of being stuck in traffic on I45 in North Houston I decided to jump on the hardy toll road. The only problem was that the exits off of the tollway were blocked of because the feeders were flooded. This is video of me in my 2008 toyota tundra and other trucks driving through the madness. note: this is the tundra recalled sticky pedal truck... All of my lights are on in my truck dashboard now,, traction control doesnt work, no abs or curtain airbags either.. i'll post a new video of the lights and stuff. The truck only has 30k miles so it is all under warranty I just have to take it in. Still I love my truck!!

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Driving in an Arizona Monsoon Flash Flood
In Ahwatukee (South East Phoenix) a big monsoon hit and did some pretty crazy flooding in under an hour of rain - probably about 45 minutes of downpour until we started driving and recorded this video. For reference that stuck honda at 2:20 - we're sitting at 48th and Elliot facing East. The big rains had passed and we wanted to go drive around to show off cars stuck in intersections and washes and major roadways flooded. This was July 13th 2008

Nashville Flood - Monster Truck Rescue, May 2, 2010
See my photographs of flooded downtown Nashville: http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdsarethewords/sets/72157623861490527/ Charlotte & Morrow: Well-intentioned people with a boat attempt to rescue the stranded Pep Boys employees and are upstaged by a monster truck. Rescued Pep Boy guy discovers his car is overturned in the middle of a flooded street. EDIT: People keep commenting on the idiocy of the guys in the boat and asking why people didn't just walk out of the store. The water was mixed with raw sewage. You walk through that. Also, people had been strongly advised not to drive through the water because they could just become another victim in need of help from a system that was already overloaded. The current on the side of the store had already washed cars away, so it wasn't incredibly smart to drive into all of that. I just wanted to make sure that people know that the boat guys were trying their best to help, and had gone to the trouble of bringing their own boat out to rescue some people when the city didn't have enough boats to go around. It's still funny, but they were just trying to help, and the monster truck guy was being pretty reckless.

Landrover Defender Wading deep flood water
landrover defender doing what it does best leak lol oh and drive though 4ft of water

Driving through a raging river during the Flood in Atlanta!
Driving through the Atlanta Flood of 09! A View of my f150 hitting the nunally farm creek that turned into a river over night! Cars and trucks have been swept away when the river gets like this.