Mugger vs. Ultimate Fighter

Fox News: MMA Athlete turns a stick up into beat down.

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Bouncer (kickbox world champion) vs loudmouth - Vol. 01
A guy wants to get into the club, and is not let in. What he doesn't know is: the bouncer he is annoying is Michael Kuhr - a 5x kickboxing world champion. And the bouncer has got a very important mobile number: the number of loudmouths brother. (English subtitels)

Man robs BP station, former Marine fights back
Despite having a knife, the would-be attacker soon found out the hard way that he had picked one of the worst possible targets: Jacobs is a former-Marine combat instructor and a black belt in karate with more than 25 years of training.

Taekwondo Girl vs Boxing Guy Street Fight Scene
This is the HD version of our short film, "The Mugger". Watch our new full-length action/comedy movie, "Slug Street Scrappers 2" here:

Bully Gets His Ass Kicked Then He Cries
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