1971 International Johnnie Reb 1110 truck!

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1972 International Custom 1010 For Sale~Less Then 250 Produced~VERY RARE!!
1972 International Custom 1010 For Sale 158,000 Miles Less Then 250 Produced 345 5.7L V8 Motor 3 Speed Automatic(Rebuilt at 90k) RARE Factory Air Conditioning(134) Power Steering Power Brakes Torsion Bar Front Suspension Tow Hitch VERY Original RARE Truck

1966 International C1300 One Ton, All-Wheel Drive
The 1966 IHC has 20,800 original miles on its BG 265 straight six-cylinder engine. It came from Lancaster, Ohio and was a municipal vehicle at one time. It was put on the road in 2015 after having been neglected in the field for 10 years. . New tires on 17.5-inch wheels, fluids, heater core, and a few other details and off to work.

Pardonmyn00b's Turks and Jerps #123 - International Harvester Pickup - March 1, 2016
International Harvester 150 body made from wood. Sitting on a stretched Vaterra Ascender chassis with leaf springs, SSD axles and GCM Racing transmission relocation kit. Not for sale.

International truck 6x6 climbing a hill.
Jonah climbs a hill in his 74 international.