1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Huge Burnout !

My 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Doing A Burnout At Work! I Was Board !

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The Sundance
A little Movie I made of my car,It would have been better but its all that i salvaged from the film from my broken camera,the ending was edit that way,that isnt the camera,lol i wanted to give it and ending like"2 lane black top"..enjoy

Jumping Cockatoo
Bubbles the Umbrella Cockatoo just loves to be rocking out to Van Halen "Jump" !!!

1973 Plymouth Satellite
1-12-2009 cruzin 1973 plymouth satellite

Check out by 1966 Plymouth Satellite - purchased recently for $1,400 - $100 later - I'm driving it and it does a pretty good burnout for a car that's been sitting for years. 318 poly under the hood.