Range Rover Evoque full review

We have been hearing about the Range Rover Evoque for ages, we went to the Irish launch day now Bob gets to live with the baby Rangie so lets see how he gets on

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Range Rover Evoque review | MotorTorque.com
The glossy new Liverpool-built Range Rover Evoque has been a smash hit amongst customers and the motoring press. We got our hands on an Evoque and took it to its home town of Liverpool for an extended road test.

Range Rover Evoque review PART 1 - Auto Express
Auto Express reviews the Range Rover Evoque. It starts from £28,000 and rises to £45,000. The car in the video is the 2.0-litre turbo petrol with 240hp. We put the new Range Rover Evoque through a serious of tests to see if it is worthy of that desirable Range Rover badge. To test for luxury we see if it's capable of driving over speed humps with ease, whether it's possible to hear a pin drop at high speed and even search the entire cabin to see if there are any cheap materials. A drag race against a Citroen DS3 both on and off road test the all-round ability of the Evoque and we find out just how desirable the new Range Rover is by putting it to a public vote. So does the Evoque measure up? Watch our video to find out.

Range Rover Evoque long term test - final report
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