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VW Green Bus Drag Racing

a green vw panel van drag racing.


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Sydney VW Drags Showdown 2012
Our trip out to the Sydney VW Drags Showdown at Sydney Dragway. Lots of VW great cars, buses and racing.

EBI 3 And My Smokin' 69 Bay
A Clip very kindly put together for me by Nicolas Godefroy aka EmpiGTV1303 on Youtube. Thanks, APPRECIATED :D

VW Drag Races Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii VW Drag Race

UK's Fastest VW Split Screen Campervan
Phil Jarvis runs The Fire Bus at Santa Pod Raceway and manages a 14.4 at 88mph

Porsche VW Bus T3 Vanagon Hockenheimring 2006
Tolle Aufnahmen von der Ausfahrt auf dem Ring, hauptsächlich von den 4 CLAER Porsche-Bussen und dem schweizer Race-Taxi mit Bi-turbo.

v6 bay pick up
a chevy v6 bay window pick up

Camper Run, EBI2
Mark Prosser, having a blat down the track in his 2276cc powered camper.

A modified VW bus to die for? - well it's killing me!! The long haul begins;
Major flat six custom build from a wreck! Bus had been left to rot at the back of a barn for 6 yrs. It was going to be converted to a burger bar :( Didn't relish that idea so I'm now in the middle of converting it into a VW / Porsche hybrid. Shouldn't get into too much of a pickle? It can't be that hard . . . can it?? My T'rusty steed is no longer FeO2, having replaced everything below knee height [to a girraff] and strengthened wherever neccesary. All sections made up in galv wherever possible + every weld fully treated. I've had the new engine in the back just to make sure it fits [it does - JUST, but had to re arrange a few ancillaries to allow it to slot in!] but took it out again to set up for the conversion and any little niggles.. ha ha man have there been some! Glad I did; now that it's sorted; it needs chucking into the back of the bay though I need 2 progress some more mods first. All drive train is matched 911 [the 915 gearbox cost me the same price that I paid for the bus!] and lines up really well. I've strengthened the chassis already whilst doing the renovation or should that read 'resurection'? Have also encorporated quick release features into this engine swap should it ever have to be removed in the future for repairs etc. Still a long way to go before Mubbsi hits the streets, but when she does circa 2008/2009, the sun is just gonna keep shining! Even if I had decided not to go for the custom conversion and just stuck with the standard re-build it would have been worth it; KEEP THE AIR COOLED's ALIVE DUDE'S .......you know it makes sense?!:) To the VW purists out there turning uncomfortably in your beds I leave you with one thought . . "Would you rather have seen a burger-bar"? If this vid drives you then check out the two follow up movies, part 2 and, er oh yes, part 3. Part 3's pretty scary, don't go there unless your prepared to get your fingers burned? If this vid ain't your thing then your prob not reading this anyway? Oct 2010, have just uploaded an updat vid 'VW Bus - nice bay but no beach', check it out if you want to see my busses progress? If not, no worries :) Nov 2011; my how time passes? The last video showing the completed build is now posted - check out ' VW custom bus finally hits the roads, 5 yrs on! This bus rocks!' video to see and hear the final result! Hope you enjoy it :) Drop me a mail and let me know sometime.

Gus VW Bus
http://gusvwbus.blogspot.com Wonderful VW Buses, Fantastic Music, Beautiful images!! See it!! Also called: VW Bus Samba Combi Kombi buses van microbus vintage tipo type two air cooled bay window aircooled sunroof rugbrod bulli barndoor junakeula papuga perua breadloafs klaipparihector hipisowka split T1 T2 T3...

A Volkswagen T1 Panel Van Recovered Near A Mine From Italy vw bug bulli fusca
Il video del recupero su una cava dell'ultimo arrivo nel mio garage. Un glorioso T1 Panel Van del 1966... Votateeeee

520hp Volkswagen van
It's a 1962 VW bus with a 520hp Porsche 993 twin-turbo drivetrain under it. LOL

akciddento vw split screen drag bus at national finals
the akciddento split screen drag race camper at the national finals, santa pod

Outlaw Flat Four 2009
2009 Season Review DVD, UK VW heads up drag racing. Wheels up action. Running VW Flat Four engines these cars thrill the crowds wherever they go with their wild launching, highly tuned machines. turbos, Nitrous and Big CC normally aspirated engines rule the tarmac! See them taking on and wiping the floor with monster engined muscle cars and Jap rockets at events like the Hot Rod Drags and the Banzai show. This UK series runs in competition at MSA championship rounds at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway. We also have the 2008 season review DVD available so ytou can catch up on a bit of last years action and track the racers through their progress to beat there PB times.

vw drag racing
vw drag racing 10 sec. street legal

2 Pro Stock VW's drag racing!
Another sweet prostock matchup between the Quarter Toy and Drew's Off Road beetles!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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