Tire Shake Shootout (or when the shakers came to town)

A studie in deformation of dragrace tires in Slowmotion at 300 and 600fps 1/10 and 1/20 of realtime (at Cramonats in Malmoe, Sweden 2010-05-28 Camera is a Casio EX F1 http://www.exilim.eu/euro/exilimhighspeed/exf1/specifications/ Music: Rev Up. Artist: Manuel and the Renegades

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funnycar tire shake
top alcohol funny car with a GoPro Hero2 on the wheelie bar at grand bend motorplex ontario canada with racer x at the wheel

Gary Ingold at Piedmont Rear tire view slow motion.
Gary Ingold at Piedmont Rear tire view slow motion 2nd round. 9-3-2012 race.

slow motion bullet impacts and vz.58 rifle
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Crazy RC Tire BallOOning - Slow Motion Study
Matt brought his Traxxas RC car over for some speed tests on various gearing, battery and motor upgrades and he wanted to see how much the tire "pancakes" or ballooned out from the centrifugal force at high speeds. http://www.youtube.com/user/Jackismycopilot Be sure to check out his new speed tests on this car with different performance upgrades. Matt and I often film together. - Visit the TAOFLEDERMAUS Blog I post what projects I am working on, sometimes post fail videos and other things. I sometimes get 1 or 2 visitors a day to my blog. I just posted a video of some of my failed rat trap videos I filmed this weekend. http://taofledermaus.blogspot.com/