Magnum on 30's Rollin.wmv

Instagram @SkoobyDoo420 My Magnum on 30's going down the street (L test driving it) Back from Underground Rim King in Ft. Lauderdale, FL had Steve and the crew mount it up on the 30's ...Instagram @SkoobyDoo420

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GraveDigger on 30s racing
Me driving GraverDigger on 30s racing a worked over Challenger with mods...he got me off the line but never pulled away from me(bout a car length).

Dodge Magnum R/T on 28" Dubs by C2C - Florida Whips
dodge magnum on 28" dub ballers by coast 2 coast customs video by florida whips

"Underground Rim King" Magnum on 30"s

08 Magnum On 30's Done By #FloridaBoyCustoms
FloridaBoyCustoms does it again Magnum on 30's even all around #TeamFBC #1StopShop #ForAllYourVehicleNeeds #HookingUpRidesTheFloridaWay 8003194940 Visit Our Website And Like Our Page